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Plot, Setting and Mood

No description

Kari Miller

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Plot, Setting and Mood

Setting can influence a story by...
Setting can influence a story by...
Setting can influence a story by...
Plot, Setting and Mood
Every story transports you to a fictional world--whether it is completely made up like "Harry Potter" or based on an actual place such as the "Call of Duty" story lines.
The time and place of a story is its setting.
Writers create setting through the following:
details that suggest the time of day, year, season or historical period
descriptions of characters, clothing, buildings, weather, and landscapes
Mood also contributes to the world of a story:
Demonstration of Learning
Put away your notes. Now, open up the DOL assignment for today. It is under the Agenda in ECHO.

Answer the four questions there to the best of your ability, using the information we talked about in class. Answer in complete sentences.
No matter where and when they unfold, good stories allow you to experience times, places, and conflicts that are outside your everyday life.
Setting details, in particular, help to establish a mood.
Mood is the feeling or atmosphere that a writer's use of imagery and choice of words and details
Creating Tension
Influencing Characters
Helps Create Mood
Serves as a Symbol
Example: A man is stranded in the middle of the woods in northern Canada. So that means A LOT OF SNOW and cold! Tension could be created by questions like, can the man build a fire to warm up? Tension is created as he tries to survive.
Example: Perhaps that same man is overconfident in his survival skills and underestimates the difficulty of surviving--learning a life or death lesson.
Being set in the middle of woods in a cold and dark area creates a mood of alienation and fear.
The setting could symbolize the man's fear of dying alone.
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