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The Great Brooklyn Bridge

Sallome Hralima shares her Personal Plan as part of the Fastgirls 90-Day Challenge - Mastery of the 8 Cylinders of Success.

Sallome Hralima

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of The Great Brooklyn Bridge

The Great Teammates: Autumn Marie & Dominque 831 277 7182
PO Box 20582
Brooklyn, NY 11202
Twitter: @sallome
My purpose is
to enrich and enable
the best capabilities
for all people. "[She] pushes people to create and reach their dreams. [She] inspires people to live life." -Tamika Brown "[She] takes it on as a personal project to love people for who they are and insists they recognize it in themselves." -Shante Spivey "[She] brings forth the brilliance, intelligence, imagination, and ideas people have to share with the world." -Summerlyn Burlew The granddaughter of a granddaughter of an enslaved African woman.
(my grandmother) The daughter of an educator and activist. (my mom & I) I've listened to my inner voice since very young. I knew, as a small child that I'd move to...

The best tracking method I've found. for more info, visit:
actionmethod.com I intend to use this tool to track specific actions needed to fulfill on my goals and will revisit daily.

I will revisit Dashboard goals every 30 Days using Jullien's 30 Day Do It Movement to hold me to account.

I will check in annually (on my birthday - 6/19) to see if I'm on track to fulfill lifetime goals and will use this personal plan to check that. In Zion (The Matrix Trilogy), Neo was required to go to The Council before taking any integral actions. ...and so will I. The communities of people who will hold me to account and to whom I will give and receive support include:
Family (Mom, sister, Niwonna, Tonyia, Najah)
Masterminds (30 Day Do It Group)
Sister Circle
Gallatin Advisor
Mentors (Michaela angela Davis, Monica Dennis, Dr. Shakir, Janis Robinson, Julia Chance. Mark Anderson)
The Reconstruction Period Family
PIB Family
Lil Raggamuffin Family
Friends (Freddy Anzures, Nelson George, Karl Carter, Fuse Green, Kevin Pemberton, Kazi, Toni Blackman, Chris Greene, Kareem Anglin, George Mitchell, Joy Conway, Ayinde Jean-Baptiste, Rahman Ali Bugg, Eugene Baah, Diallo Shabazz, Danya Steele, Shahid Ali, Cynical, Clyde Cole, Brent Sackris, Ali Muhammad, Alfred Obiesie, Shelton Garner, Stanley Lumax, Veronica Williams) Endless with them by my side: I envision myself completing my Masters in Youth Development: a doctorate in Youth Studies, an executive position in an NGO that directs policy on a national level, and a position in the Office of Innovation and Improvement for the US Department of Education. The sum total = EXPERT and INDESPENSIBLE. It is imperative that I create content (publish through various media), produce programming for communities and youth that merge entrepreneurship, arts and activism, study and practice youth development, and host/facilitate Master Mind gatherings. I'm not versed in politics, economics, or technology. However, I will continue using my natural ability to connect to people and grow communities to build a cadre of extraordinary friends with passion and knowledge in those areas.

Though my intrapersonal strength could trap me in the confines of my journal and internal rabbit hole, my extrovert sensibilities offer me the opportunity to release those thoughts, emotions, and ideas through created communities and outlets for writing (including blogging, journaling, and my birthday books).

I have terrible credit, mounting debt, and have been challenged with financial difficulties most of my life. Nevertheless, I have the unique ability to reach anyone and fulfill any goal I set my mind and heart to, leaving no goal unreached. Sallome Hralima Bridge a personal plan
presented to
My Favorite Snatches Here is where I've planted my roots. GOALS Grow PlanIt Brooklyn to be the most important creative entity in Brooklyn, New York and one of the most innovative and monetarily successful brands in marketing & event production in the world. Be published in reputable business and culture periodicals and sites by December 2011. Be a published author by 2015 - Keeping Up with the Joneses (a story about my family).

Know 5 major languages and have read all of the most important holy texts by the end of my life and be a wife & mother. Pioneer the inclusion of a Dream Manager in every public school in America. I stand on the shoulders of many extraordinary womb-men.

And it has been written that I too will lead a life that will be remembered for generations and generations.

I promise to live the length and width of my life. To read all that I've gotten from Mastery of the 8 Cylinders of Success: A 90 Day Fastgirls Challenge, visit: http://fastgirls.ning.com/profile/SallomeHralima In the tradition of our Gratitude Guru:

Thank You! I need your help. 1. Volunteers (Dream Management/The Stoop)
2. School & youth organization outreach (TY4F, The Stoop)
3. Spread The Grow Grant
4. Attend Social Investing Seminar
5. Permission to republish NING info (Fastgirls & Jullien Gordon)
6. Spread word about Phefeni products (tabling, link through social networking)
7. Request and spread word about Will Work for Food
8. Submit iPromise Stay tuned... Superhero name may change to The Diamond Cutter.

What do you think?
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