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No description

Keysen H

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of keysen

3D design
3d animation I can type 60 words per minute Keyboarding computer basics hardware I use proper typing technique, to make sure that I'm typing to the best of my ability I know how to use shortcuts on the keyboard, such as ctrl+p bring up a print screen Software Internet navigation and research I know how to research things on the internet and i do it for any questions i have I use the internet for things ranging from homework to watching YouTube videos I can navigate easily and fluently without doing anything or going anywhere that I don't want to go I also know that ctrl+f brings up a bar that helps you find any specific words on a page Business Basics Journalism I know how to use PowerPoint, word,
and Excel I use use word for many school
assignments I made a PowerPoint last year for Ms. Count's class Bibliography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamaica

http://www.jamaicans.com/cooking/foods/index.shtml I chose Jamaica, because its where my great grandpa is from.
I don’t know a lot about Jamaica yet, so I wanted to learn more about it.
He was the first person to come to America in my family. By Keysen Henderson Jamaica is the 3rd largest island in the carribean
It lays in the hurricane belt
5 hurricanes have hit it since 1950
It has a tropical climate with hot and humid weather Location/Geography Sports Jamaican Independence Day is on August 6th, since 1962

Emancipation Day is on August 1st, since 1997

That marked the day when slaves were completely free in 1938
Ackee: national fruit of Jamaica

There is a wide variety of
food in Jamaica, like in the US

They eat mostly seafood and tropical fruits
There military
Is the Jamaican
Defense Force(JDF)

Divided into 3 counties and 14 parishes.

They are based on the
British military. I know how to use Google SketchUp
and i made a picture on it MULTIMEDIA Here is a Pivot that I made
for the multimedia section WEBSITE CREATION
AND DESIGN PROGRAMING And here is a link to my
finished website
http://artbykeyshauwn.webs.com/ Graphic Design Here's a picture that i
edited Here is my Scratch
in the making This shows that I am proficient in computer basics
because all of this shows that I am typing at a proficient
speed, I know how a computer works and shortcuts on the
keyboard of a computer This shows that I'm proficient in 3D animation and design because I found out how to use Google SketchUp This shows that I am proficient in graphic design
because it shows that I figured out how to
manipulate an image that I have I am proficient in this category because it shows that I know how to design my own interactive stories, games, music and art using Scratch This shows that I'm proficient in website creation and design, because I created and design a well and functioning website I am proficient in Multimedia because I made a Pivot and added my own music that I made on Linux to it in Windows Moviemaker. Those are two different types of media, therefore a multimedia project Here are notes that I took while I was reading my biography on Bob Marley for my US History teacher, Mr. Wilhelm's Evening of Eminence project This shows that I am proficient in journalism because I took journalistic notes on something that I had to research and read about I don't know exactly what is inside of a
computer to make it work but I know
what a mouse, the monitor and the keyboard
are and what they do This is a Word Document Food I also made an Excel presentation
on the number of times I've dunked
per year I believe that I am proficient in
business basics because I know how to
use Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and I
have proof for all of them My PowerPoint on: Here's a screen shot of me
in the process of
making my first website These before and after pictures show that I
edited this plain picture that I took of this car
and added animations to the picture and
also had them saying and thinking stuff.
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