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Moli 5G

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Haiku

Here are 4C Haiku Poems Haiku poems are of Japanese origin.
Most of the time they are of nature.
They have three lines.
Each line has its own syllables.
The first line has FIVE syllables.
The second line has SEVEN syllables.
And the third line has FIVE syllables.
You need to have the correct syllables in each line. If is not that way it is ONLY a short poem. wind strongly likes to blow blowing things all by his way over the giant world By: Joaquin Espiga
Felipe Crosa here are some examples Autumn Green leaf falling down
Birds and squirrels always come
so autumn is here by: Eli and Marti.S The nicest present
When you are sad you need one
give all a big one By: Milena Fire needs to breath air
Throw water and dissapear
Put hands and will burn. Fire Juan Molinolo
Joaquin Myszka chameleons colors every were
chameleons on the tree
change to blue and green by: Elisa Civetta HAIKU rainbow where is my rainbow
somewhere is my heart,
maybe following the sky by: Ana Julia My day is foggy
a lot of mist, no sunshine
A cloudy pale day

By: Felipe Sanguinetti The monster came back
through my bed when I slept
on the red carpet

By: Alfo Skater THE MONSTER OF THE STREET Peacocks Peacocks everywhere Blue feathers up in the air Singing birds all together By: Camila V. and Franchu M. By:Pilar and Paulina Squirrels Lovely little things Squirrels have a fluffy tail Are brown and eat nuts By: Pilar Leaves Leaves down everywhere Lots of colours through the year Fall is almost here! Wind wind through my window breeze on the snowy mountain flies me up the sky by:Guillermina SAND SMELL OF SALT WATER WHITE SAND:
SHELL By:Paulina Me
I am not so tall
Anyway for me its alright
One day I will grow

By Constanza Fodere Haiku lush green sumheld dear
By:Joaquin Michelini, Nick Allen The sun shines brightly
Little birds fly around us
They like to fly a lot Sunshine By: Juan Cruz Puente MY Day is foggy
A lot of mist, no sunshine
A cloudy pale day to seashores they come
to play and have fun with us
during summer time waves Friends are very nice

No matter there companions

They are the best thing

By:Victoria Frugone Friends CLOUDY TO SUNSHINE day is cloudy,sad foggy monster scare clouds,and
beauty sunshine came

by:Ana and Pia 4C POEMS BY:4C Sometimes white, sometimes
Dark brown, always sweet and nice
I love to eat them. Chocolate
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