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SWOT analysis

No description

on 23 December 2013

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Transcript of SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis

Efficient production process
(per average it takes only 64 seconds per product)
Highly committed workforce
Usage of latest technology
Good brand image

Weak supply chain and inbound logistics- raw materials(timber)
Employees safety and welfare(better provision of safety wear, High sound and air pollution and sanitation)
Location- unavailability of attracting skilled labour
Wastage of Raw materials- Mainly timber

Expansion(Geographical expansion to other countries)
Penetration(could cater more to the local market, Arpico is the only local retail seller)
Competition from international suppliers
Import restrictions
Buyers going bankrupt

Issues Detected

With Storage
With Lead Time
With Health and Safety of employees
With Training
With Storage
Inadequate storage facilities - Unprocessed Raw Materials

With Lead Time
Taking 21 – 45 days for shipping an order

With Health and Safety of employees

Less usage of basic protection devices
Less supervision of health & safety and Less education of minor staff

With Training
Undue reliance on the on job training

Recommendations to overcome issues
With Storage
Provide with extra storage facilities.
Moving to a JIT system (in the long term).
With Lead time
Initiate a Pull based system.
Gather the suppliers, area heads, production manager and other important personnel to a discussion with the buyer.

With Health and Safety of employees
Appointing an officer responsible.
Advise using at least basic protection devices.

With Training
Extra focus on quality related training.
Thank you
Just in time is a ‘pull’ system of production, so actual orders provide a signal for when a product should be manufactured.
Demand-pull enables a firm to produce only what is required, in the correct quantity and at the correct time.
A very famous production method in the world Currently use by Toyota & Dell companies.
However, it is not realistic to implement a 100% JIT environment in Sri Lanka
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