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Mobile and Handheld Technologies in Education

No description

Peter Woodhead

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of Mobile and Handheld Technologies in Education

Mobile Learning and
Mobile Technologies
What is Mobile Learning?
What are Mobile Technolgies?
Mobile Technologies
in everyday life
Perceptions of
Mobile Learning
Handheld and
Mobile technologies
Affordances of
mobile technologies
for teaching and learning
Mobile and Web 2.0
Whatever fits into
a gentlemen's jacket
or a ladies handbag
It's not a laptop!
It's a multi-user
Wireless or 3G
Connects to the Cloud
Redefines the relationship
between learner and technology
What do you think are
the defining characteristics
of Mobile Learning?
Literature Review in MobileTechnologies and Learning. Laura Naismith, Peter Lonsdale, Giasemi Vavoula, Mike SharplesUniversity of Birmingham
Read the full report
in Moodle
From Bryan Patten, Sa´nchez, & Tangney, 2006
Thomas Cochrane and Roger Bateman (2010) Full paper:http://www.ascilite.org.au/ajet/ajet26/cochrane.pdf
What is the Future
of Mobile Learning?
Mobile Learning as
as an extension to
Augmenting Formal Education
More Learner Centric
Educational Affordances of Mobile Learning
Multimedia Access tool
Connectivity tool
Capture tool
Representational tool
Analytical tool
Multi-Media Access
Connectivity Tool
Capture Tool
Analytical Tool
Representational Tool
Augmented Reality and Digital Trails
Vote for each pair of options
Follow up Activity for
Session 7
Goodnight iPad
Multiple Devices
or a Singular device?
Reflect in your group
Mobile Learning
in K12 education

Look at the Executive Summary in the Futurelab report on Mobile Learning to learn more about
impact of Mobile Devices on Cognitive and Learning Behaviours
Some Questions
Will increasing levels of personal ownership lead to increasing levels of disruption?

Will mobile devices have a bigger impact on the digital 'ecosytem' of our classrooms and schools than laptops?

How will mobile devices affect privacy?

What will be the impact on way school's approach strategy and planning for the technology integration?
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