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How different groups have an influence on science

Presentation on groups that influence science and methods they use to influence science

Sidrah Rauf

on 30 June 2013

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Transcript of How different groups have an influence on science

Sidrah Rauf
How different groups have an influence on science
Groups/ parties in politics
Groups that have an influence
on science
How these groups influence science
Finance and commerce
Many groups of people have an influence on science. These groups may be political groups, groups in society, groups in commerce i.e. business or financial groups and so on.
Political parties are responsible for progressing the government within a country. Parties are elected by the public and not by the government so that it is not democratic. The reason to why parties and politions are elected is so that the country has leadership and someone that makes choices based on what the majority of the public say. Whereas political groups are groups that don't let any of their members go into an election but want changes in the government.

There are many groups that have an influence on science. For example, there is a group called 'campaign for science and engineering'. Groups like people who are against abortion impact science. Groups like environmental groups impact science and technology

There are many ways of influencing science. Here are some of the following:
- Letting out their opinions and what they believe in the news and other media sources
- This can also be done but publishing onto websites, posters or films made by them as well. This is turn can create an impact on the public so the public can join them with their views
- Creating events or taking part in events that show what their views are
- These events/ demonstrations can be done in schools, colleges and univesities
-Advertising through the media in things like advertisments, newspapers and the radio
- Protesting - taking direct action
Science needs money in order to fund for it otherwise there wouldn't be any research, new techology so no new discoveries or inventions. So it is important to have someone to fund for all of this. This can either be privately or through the government. Also scientists and researchers need to be paid for their job as well.
Those who fund for science
These include:
- EU, government and agencies such as the medical research council fund for public finance
- Compay directors decide what the money is going to be spent on
- Charities such as cancer charity organisations also help to fund for science
Problems with funding
Problems with funding include:
- Some research project are very expensive
- Vested interests - some research won't actually benefit the public e.g. genetic
modification in plants. There was a case where scientists tried to produce tomato with animal protein. This doesn't do anything for the public because it was harmful to eat. Hence, some types of science would be funded quicker than other e.g. medical funds quicker because the government think it is more benefical for the public
Groups that influence science
Greenpeace is a environmental group that influence science. Greenpeace believes in looking after the planet and prevent things from harming it. They look after things like the Artic and oceans, saving creatures like foxes and taking away toxic from pollution. They do this by campaigning, through the media and protests impacting on science. This methods are in hope of getting the governement and public involved which can influence science.
Groups that influence science cont...
Greenpeace is a peaceful group that want to show the public the government and laws on things that damage the environment. This grabs the attention of the public an dcan influence national and international policies on conservation.

Groups that influence science cont...
Another group similar to greenpeace is friends of earth (FOE). FOE believe in conserving the Earth as it is our home. Similarly to greenpeace, FOE also use campaigns and the media to get their views across. They also work alongside charities and politions to do the environment justice. An example of their campaigns is clean british energy. They are trying to prevent damage to the earth by reducing fossil fuels and such and letting everyone knwo about their opinion
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