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Hmong clothing and cuisine

No description

Anna Saelee

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Hmong clothing and cuisine

Hmong Cuisine
& Clothing by Anna Saelee, Carolina Serna
Sarah Avila, & Lisa Aguirre Hmong in the U.S today About Hmong Food How food is cooked Influences Communal Eating Generations "Time is money" American influences water buffalo Hmong Food History They grew, gathered, hunted,
and fished for their own food. Most Hmong buy frozen meat from the store that's readily available instead of raising their own animals.

Asian Markets in Visalia:
MT&Y Oriental Market
See's Market
Bangkok Noi
RN Market
Tripe N Market The older Hmong generation still hold onto their old ways of growing their own food and raising their own cattle. Newer generation Hmong's no longer have time to garden. Varies from region and has Thai, Laos,
Vietnamese, & Chinese influences. Food is placed in the middle of the table where everyone can pick at Living off the land Hmong diet depended on the weather, season, and the fortune of the farm. The newer generations losing sight of their roots because of the influence of the American culture and it's fast paced environment. Popular Ingredients Lemongrass Ginger Mint Garlic Green Onion and cilantro Popular Sauces Used in Hmong Dishes Is an herbal remedy and used to flavor soups and boiled for tea. Anti-nausea herb, calms stomach, helps bloating.... Treats stomachaches,
aids digestion
and helps bug bites has antibacterial properties
and can help ward off illness as well as fight infections. Helps sore throat, swollen feet, insomnia... Rich in antioxidants,
essential oils, and vitamins Examples of dishes Thai Chili Helps fight diseases such as diabetes and improves metabolism Sample: Kapoon (noodle soup) Clothing History The design of traditional Hmong clothing identifies familial, political, cultural, and geographical connections. Past: Hmong women hid ancient scripts in their clothing Present: Hmong embroidery are used as decorations and some clothing have no underlining meaning bright colors are used to contrast other colors.
girls sew their own clothes by learning from their elders
embroidery skills are admired and seen as more attractive for marriage partners. Men get to eat first before the women and children Evolution Hmong embroidery has evolved to include Lao, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Western Influences.
New styles have been developed to target tourists and the western market for commercial purposes.
Techniques and uses of materials have changed overtime. Cotton and synthetic fabrics are being used instead of Hemp.
Due to the U.S lifestyle, Hmong women do not have time to make embroideries so they purchase them at flea markets and supermarkets.
The Art of embroidering is disappearing and may be lost among future generations. Women hand sewn all clothing for their families.
During the Hmong New Year everyone is dressed in their best embroideries to engage in courtship through ball tossing and other activities. This is a time where you will see all the colorful Hmong clothing.
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