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Cattle Muscular System

No description

lexie Bonar

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Cattle Muscular System

Cattle Muscular System
The cow has many different muscles throughout its skeletal system.

The masseter is a muscle in the cheek that helps the cow with chewing and biting.

the trapezius is a triangular muscle that helps to move the front appendages

the latissimus doris is a long musce that attaches the humerus bone in the forearm to the back of the car.

the abdominal obliques are large muscles that run along its side and aid in supporting the organs used in digestion and reproduction

the gluteals are located in the upper backside region, and it helps with real leg movement
Biceps Femoris is a muscle is found in the rear leg of the cow.
The Biceps Brachii helps to allow the cow to flex its front legs.
The Triceps Branchii helps to extend the front legs of the cow.
The Pectorals run across its chest and aids in movement of the front legs.
The Serratus Ventrailis connect to forelimbs to the back of the cow.
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