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The Great Gatsby: Allusions Explained

No description

Michael Murph

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby: Allusions Explained

The Great Gatsby: Allusions Explained Debut: A debut is an opening act for an artist’s career. A young woman would often have a debut at a Broadway theater. (75) Armistice: the agreemant to stop fighting, generally reffered to as Armistice Day, the day WWI ended. (75) Spirits of ammonia are a solution of ammonium carbonate in ammonia water and alcohol. They are used as medicine. (76) Sauterne is a French dessert wine. (76) Victoria is a car which was very popular in the 20's. (78) By Jonathan Wells, Zeev Foster,Eric Musselman, Sam Kemp, and Michael Murph "The Sheik of Araby" is a song that was written by Harry B. Smith, Francis Wheeler and music by Ted Snyder in 1921. It was also popularized by the Beatles. (78) Marie Antoinette music room is a name for a room back in the 1920's (91) Restoration salons are another type of room in the 1920's (91) liver exercises: A man who lives in Gatsby's house, Mr. Klipspringer, because he is an alcoholic. (91) Platonic conception of himself- In the book this phrase is used to mean that Gatsby created his own identity. Nick is comparing Gatsby to Jesus. (98) Platonic conception of himself- In the book this phrase is used to mean that Gatsby created his own identity. Nick is comparing Gatsby to Jesus. (98) Divine Retribution is the supernatural punishment of a person for something they did wrong. (65) Rajay is and Indian or Malay prince. (65). A Lewis gun was used in WWI bvy the Allies. (66) The Earl of Doncaster was the 1st Duke of Buccleuch, Nick's ancestors. (67) A cricket bat is the object used to hit the ball in the game of cricket. (67) sallons of the faded gilt 1900's are places that sold alcochol to people with no money. This led to the Great Depression. (68) sardines in a box is a variation of hide and seek (81) The World's Fair is a giant fair in major cities around the world. (83) The Journal was written by William Randolph Hearst and was part of the creation of yellow journalism. (83) A copy of Clay's economics is a compilation about economics for the average American. (84) White duck trowsers were pants worn by the average working man in the 1840's (100) A crazy fish is a handsome guy. (103) A bootlegger is a person in the prohibition era who sells alcoholic beverages illegally. (61) Von Hindenburg was the Second president of the Third Reich during WWII. (61) White knickerbockers are short, loose undergarments, originated in New York in 1809. (62) Associated traction is when stock brokers need the stock market's prices to raise. (62) The American Legion is the largest organization of veterans. (63) A pompadour is a very popular hairstyle in the 1920's. (93) A sport shirt is a short sleeved collared shirt that is loose fitting. (94) The Love Nest was a popular song in the 1920's. (94) The Fox-Trot was a popular ballroom dance in the 20's. (105) The three o'clock in the morning waltz was a piano song made in 1919. (108) The Valley of Ashes is a dump near Manhattan, but most people see it as beautiful. (68) A well fanned forty second street cellar is a restaurant where it has no A/C so it must be well fanned. (69) Highballs are a family of mixed drinks like Jack and Coke and Scotch and Soda. (70) Presbyterian nymphs on the ceiling are female sprits in Greek mythology. (70) Cuff buttons are reffering to the buttons on the cuff of a collared shirt. (72) Tragic nose- Wolfshiem's nose starts to tremble because he feels too old. (72) An Adam Study is a place where you would sit down and drink like a bar, created by Robert Adam. (91) Chartreuse is a french liquor originally made by Cathuasian Monks. (91) Patient cabinest are for clothes and othe ritems, used by hospitals and offices to create more room. (92) Indian Blue is a color between blue and violet. (92) "He was a son of God... and he must be about His Father's Business." is a quote from the gospel of Luke. (98) Madame de Maintenon was the second wife of King Louis XIV of France. (99) A burglar blowing safe is reffered to when a burglar uses a blow torch to rob a safe. (73) Shoes from England with rubber nobs on the soles are the best shoes for walking in grass. (74) A white roadster is a 1920 automobile used by the wealthy. (74) Red Cross making bandages refers to when they would make bandages for the upcoming war. (75) A flat footed, short sighted young man who couldn't get into the army at all is a phrase because people who can't see or run can't fight. (75) A black wreath still on the door is put there to ward off visitors. (88) A postern is a secondary gate, usually in a castle or large home. (90) A federal silhouette is a building that looks medevil. (90) Jonquils, Hawthorn, and Kiss-me-at-the-gate are all flowers that typically bloom in May. (90) The turning fork that had been struck upon a star refers to creating a mystical tone, when Gatsby and Daisy kissed. (110) The incarnation was complete meaning a living body embodies a spirit form. (111) Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6
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