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Ethical, Servant , Spiritual, and Authentic Leadership

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Jeffrey Rodriguez

on 23 November 2013

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Transcript of Ethical, Servant , Spiritual, and Authentic Leadership

Chapter 13 Summary
Ethical, Servant , Spiritual, and Authentic Leadership
Spiritual Leadership
How leaders can enhance the intrinsic motivation of followers by creating conditions that increase their sense of spiritual meaning at work
Authentic Leadership
Based on the leaders words, actions, and values.
Ethical Leadership
Knowing and doing what is right. Ethical Leaders act and make decisions ethically. They also lead ethically in the ways they treat people in everyday interaction, their attitudes, the way they encourage and directions in which they steer their organizations
>Expressing leader statements about the importance of ethics
> Disseminates ethical guidelines for members of the organization
>Models ethical behavior to set a visible example for others, including ethical behavior in the assessment of performance , and criticizing or punishing unethical behavior.
>Theories of spiritual leadership include values found in major religions, but do not include any other aspect of religion.
>People value the opportunity to feel interconnected to others in a mutually supporting community of people who are collectively involved in meaningful activities.
Servant leaders :
>attends to the needs of followers
> Listens to followers, learns their needs
>empowers followers instead of using power to dominate them
Servant Leadership
Authentic leaders:
> have positive core values such as honesty, kindness, fairness, accountability and optimism.
>create high mutual trust and transparency with followers
By: Jeffrey Rodriguez
Helping others to accomplish shared objectives by facilitating individual development, empowerment, and collective work that is consistent with the health and long-term welfare of followers.
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