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Copy of Copy of How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife


Nean Talucod

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife

How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife
Manuel Arguilla
About the Author
Manuel Estabillo Arguilla (1911 – 1944)
Ilokano writer in English, patriot, and martyr
Barrio Nagrebcan, Bauang, La Union
B.S. Education Universirty of the Philippines (1933)
President, UP Writer's Club
Editor, Literary Apprentice
Won first prize in the Commonwealth Literary Contest in 1940
Secretly organized a guerrilla intelligence unit against the Japanese.
Barrio Nagrebcan, La Union
Baldo - younger brother of Leon, fetched Leon and
Maria from the road to Nagrebcan
Leon (or Noel) - older brother of Baldo who have met his wife in a city
Maria - the beautiful and down to earth wife of Leon from city
Labang - the bull of Leon and Baldo whom their considered as a part of their family
Ca Celin- Caretela driver
Aurelia- sister of Baldo and Leon
Father - Father of Leon and Baldo who planned the challenges for Maria
Mother - Mother of Leon and Baldo
Baldo and his older brother Leon were both waiting for the arrival of their visitor riding the carretela. Seeing his brother's wife, Baldo was easily taken away by the beauty of the woman from city as he narrates their journey to Nagrebcan. The idea of meeting with Leon's parents for the first time made Maria a bit anxious. But along their way home, Maria discovered the unusual feature of the life in Nagrebcan as opposed to their life in the city where she met and fell in love with Leon. They took a surprising route home for Leon, but it was meant as a test for the wife to see if she could endure the sacrifices she made and meet her new family.
Narrative Structure
Rising Action
Rising Action
Main Conflict: (Man vs. Environment)
Leon brought a wife to his original
home, Nagrebcan, La Union.
His wife, Maria, is a woman who
grew up in a city. She was afraid that maybe his father-in-law and Leon's family will not accept her as Leon's wife nor not liking her. But then, Leon
came to his hometown with a wife.
Their neighborhood who doesn't know
that Leon was married to a city girl.
No one knows what a kind of girl is Maria except for Leon. Will Maria cope living in a province for the rest of her life?
Point Of View
First Person
Culture clash or the setting shift
when someone from the barrio
or the city is transported to the other.
How My Brother
Leon Brought
Home a Wife

Falling Action
The falling action of the story is when Maria passed the test or challenges despite of her personality. She proved that she will fight for what she believed is right, it doesn't matter if the world told her that it's wrong. She surpassed the trial given to her proving that she is worth it for Leon as his wife
The inciting action of the story was when "She stepped down to the Carretela of Ca Celin with a quick, delicate grace. She look lovely, she was tall. She looked up to my brother with a smile, and her forehead was level with his mouth". It goes when Leon introduced Maria as his wife to his younger brother, Baldo whose thinking deeply if father will like Maria. He’s thinking if Maria can survive or will fit in the life in barrio or rural areas than urban city where she grew up.
Rising Action
The rising action of the story is when they took the dry bed if Waig as substitute of passing Camino Real and it was the wish of the father to go by Waig. They were trying to test Maria's characteristics, her attitude, her looks, how she talks, and the way she handle the situation.
The highest point of the story is when Leon already brought home Maria as his wife. He introduced Maria's as his wife to his family and especially to his father hoping they will accept and liked Maria for him.
The denouement of the story was when Baldo cross the threshold of his father and ask him about Maria. After wards the door opened and Leon and Maria came in. Baldo looked to Maria so lovely and went out to watered Labang which his father told him. It reflects that loves makes Maria and Leon to go forward and forward whatever struggles come will be be ignore to them. They portrays that accepting one's life and one may have to sacrifice a small part of one's life in order to be happy.
The setting of the story was on Nagrebcan, Leon's hometown. The story takes place in a farm where people would usually ride in a carabao. The place was in the local province.
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