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Your Character is Made of You

No description

Maddy Cornman

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Your Character is Made of You

Your Character is Made of You
Type of Essay
The British naturalist and politician John Lubbock wrote, "Your character will be what you yourself chose to make it."
Do we choose our own character traits, or is our character formed by influences beyond our control? Take a position on this issue.
Support your response with reasons and examples.
Although everything we go through in life will impact us, we will always have control over who we become.
Body Paragraph 1
Describe what character is, how it affects you, what others think and the things you will achieve.
Body Paragraph 2
Ways to overcome challenges you face in your life.
Expository Essay
Body Paragraph 3
Type of Introduction Strategy
Setting goals for who you want to be and how you want to act.
Open with a quotation
John Lubbock once wrote, "Your character will be what you yourself choose to make it." I do agree with his statement, and that your character is entirely what you set out for it to be. Life will get tough and difficult things will happen, that's a given, but it's your choice what you do with those difficult times. You can chose to do positive acts to build yourself into a better person then you were before such as setting goals, or working on yourself as a person. Every single choice will reflect on you character in either a negative or positive way. Although everything we go through in life will impact us, we will always have control over who we become.
The determination of who you become will always lie in your hands. No matter what situations you encounter its your choice what decisions you make and every decision will determine your character. The best tohing you can do is work on yourself periodically, and set goals to make sure you stay on track for what type of character you wish to portray. It's a given that life will impact us in many ways, but your character will forever be what you create it to be like.
5 Vocab. Words
Maddy Cornman
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