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INFOGRAPHICS: A Librarian's Best Friend

GA COMO 2015

Rachel Evans

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of INFOGRAPHICS: A Librarian's Best Friend

Why Infographics?
Why Libraries?
Libraries market services to their patrons and communities.

The method we choose to use
can make or break us and our efforts.

15 Fantastic Library Infographics:
Anatomy of an Infographic
8 Tips for Making a Strong Infographic
1. Serve a Clear Purpose
2. Use Space Effectively
3. Lead the Viewer in a Specific Direction
4. Highlight Important Facts Visually
5. Use Sections to Divide Content
6. Show Data Clearly
7. Encourage the Eye to Compare Data
8. Use Examples and/or Templates!
5 Free Infographic
Web Applications
1. Piktochart
2. Venngage
3. Canva
4. Easelly
5. Infogr.am

There are many, many more out there. All of these programs can be used for free, but some have limitations.
of info transmitted to the brain is visual
second attention span for most
times more
info than in
We are instinctively drawn to infographics because we are:
visually wired
suffering from info-overload
able to digest graphics + text faster
A Librarian's Best Friend
word of mouth
print / text
social media
Image + Text + Stats
About 1 Subject
Done Creatively
13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics
You don't have to use these programs to create infographics
- create them using anything including Word, Photoshop, Illustrator and more.
Web apps designed for making infographics can help you get started:
templates provide a strong layout guide
icon libraries with vector graphics
tools for easy interactive data visualization
Alternative Uses for Infographic Web Apps
If you do like these web-based applications, get creative with how you use them! Apply infographic principals to other design projects:
Library Newsletter - ex. Amicus Briefs print issues

Posters & Fliers for Instruction, Events, Resources and Apps
ex. Legal Tech Audit instruction posters
ex. Library App table-tent promotion
ex. Digital Commons Party & Book Repair Clinic
ex. Law Journal Library HeinOnline flier

Visual Aid for Internal Use/Meetings - ex. Website Stats

Visual Aid for Conferences - ex. IFLA fabric poster

Website Interactive Chart - ex. Law School Fund
“ 'Infographic thinking' is the future, not a fad...
beyond pretty pictures, and creates an entirely different sort of reading experience that encourages critical thought. ”

- Francesco Franchi,
art director of Intelligence in Lifestyle
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