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Consulting with International Students

No description

Morgan Gross

on 6 July 2016

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Transcript of Consulting with International Students

Challenges and Strategies
International Students in the FYC Classroom
Critical Theory
Problematizing Assimilation
Teaching Organization and Style
Teaching How to Avoid Plagiarism
What challenges have you encountered or do you anticipate encountering when teaching international students in FYC courses predominately composed of American students?
What strategies did you learn for dealing with the challenges you face in consulting with international students?
What questions do you still have about consulting with international students?
Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary
International students are intelligent. Sometimes they get frustrated because they can't represent themselves fully in a new language and culture.
Students' Right to Their Own Language
From CCCC, 1974
We affirm students' right to their own patterns and varieties of language--the dialects of their nurture or whatever dialects in which they find their own identity and style. Language scholars long ago denied that the myth of a standard American dialect has any validity. The claim that any one dialect is unacceptable amounts to an attempt of one social group to exert its dominance over another. Such a claim leads to false advice for speakers and writers, and immoral advice for humans. A nation proud of its diverse heritage and its cultural and racial variety will preserve its heritage of dialects. We affirm strongly that teachers must have the experiences and training that will enable them to respect diversity and uphold the right of students to their own language.
Responses to "Toward a Fair Writing Center Practice"
"Overall, this article taught me... not to make assumptions about the students we consult with."
"We deal with multiple types of assimilation among students... The typical student will say, 'I'm just not a good writer.'"
"Reading this did not make me feel very warm and fuzzy, it actually made me feel a bit guilty."
"Framing everything I expect them to 'change' about their writing as being based on the expectations of audience helps me to stay mindful of the fact that there's nothing wrong with the literacy of many of my students; it's just not the same literacy of mine."
It's a give and take
Writing Across Borders
Contrastive Rhetorics
"In old times, copying information by hand was necessary. Some mistakes were made. Copying machines made it possible to make quick and accurate copies. Traveling by car saves time, but you don't get much impression of the local beauty. Walking makes it a lot easier to appreciate nature close up. Although photography is easier, copying by hand is sometimes better, because the information stays in your memory longer and can be used later."
Talk it out
How to be a Good Wife
Being a good cook is especially important to the family because you can keeps your husband home for dinner, have more time to stay with you, keeps him healthier and in a good body shape. Don't worry if you are not good at cooking, it is never too late, let start learning now, be creative and stylish. Overall, no one is born a genius, knowledge is power, life is about learning, and we are here to learn. Love is moral, it can be self-scarify, can be died rather than betray your lover, and all of this is because of eternal love. Love is continuous, forever and is the representation of an angel.
Japanese Organizational Structure
Ki (opening)
Sho (explanation)
Ten (turning point)
Ketsu (thesis)
Some cultures value "group-think" over individual intellectual property
Look it up!
Be directive, B - E directive
3's company;
4's a crowd
What's in the middle?
The "write" stuff
Provide models
Questions & wait time
Be patient. Be empathetic. Observe their strengths.
From Good Intentions by Nancy Grimm
Value international students' diversity. We can learn from them, just as they can learn from us.
International Student's Writing Sample
Find out why the student has made particular writing choices. You might gain a new perspective.
International Student's Writing Sample
Explain why we use style guides and give credit to the thoughts of others before you show the student how to do so.
Find the vocabulary and rationale for our conventions rather than saying, "That's just how it is."
Sometimes it's more helpful to a student to simply provide information than dance around it.
Focus on only a few of the most common or most intrusive writing issues in a paper so as not to overwhelm the student.
On the other hand, mark and explain all the errors in the two middle paragraphs of the paper. Then have the student apply similar revisions to the rest of the paper.
Give the student time to think and respond. Don't put your words in their mouth if it's not appropriate.
Show other examples of complex issues you're explaining.
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