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Copy of TEST


Marc Khairallah Querel

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Copy of TEST

(22+1) rd Enigmes Culture Logique Online Challenge Trésors Grande Enigme 23rd ESIB Rally Paper ESIB Rally Paper - 2 days from North to South - an ESIB tradition to raise funding for graduation - Multidisciplinary competition - Awards : prizes and cash - Get all the info you might need - Saturday May 7th - Be present @ESIB at 8h00 am - Retrieve and place stickers on cars Departure penalties if not fully respected Sharp! Culture Logic Circuit enigmas Treasure - Keep on checking our website regularly! :) fixed duration time - Different departure times, depending on your car # different departure times = different arrival times "Manche" procedure Returning everything is a must - Envelope given at the beginning What we could give you IN the envelope... CD Films CD Musique amongst other things Don't forget : We want your questions! Even incompl... Online Quest Online Challenge special announcement Treasures Everything exists A bunch of friends and Internet are you best tools Bottom line... - New system Grande Enigme no more papers more? our website is here for you. www.esibrallypaper.com New challenge! ? ask
around Even our sponsors Circuit - Justification of enigmas is required ! "étapes fictives" "Epreuve sportive et culturelle" Plan ahead for sports clothes. Sunday May 8th start of contest @7h30 am Green contest @Jisr el Bacha Don't throw Rally Paper's papers ! Recycle! Max 15kgs Closing ceremony @Crepaway Final results and rankings release Winnings End of journey 1st - 5000$ 2nd - 2000$ 3rd - 1000$ - first 50 cars to win - most feminine car - unluckiest car Grande Enigme 2 plane tickets + 2 plane tickets Participation rules - Fees: 20,000LL/car & 20,000LL/in-car player car rankings are independant from each other winner = 1 car NOT multiple cars - Each in-car player must be registered no limit of person covering food meals free entrance to closing ceremony and - On registration : choice of car number knowing that Departure on Saturday : increasing order Departure on Sunday : decreasing order N.B. Cars : Security and Penalties Proper insurance! Valid driving license! Drop inspection at any time Speed Alcohol Delay Etape fictive Hack info system Hosted by NRJ
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