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Why Do Evergreen Trees Stay Green All Year?

Why Project 2012

Tilope White

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Why Do Evergreen Trees Stay Green All Year?

Evergreens multitask by producing chlorophyll and throwing out photosynthesis all winter even with little exposure to sunlight. Chlorophyll is also the pigment that makes leaves green. Considering that evergreens produce chlorophyll all year long it's as if the tree never changes. When the temperature gets colder,plants are unable to draw liquid water from the soil. Many evergreen trees have tightly wrapped leaves or needles that do not dry out.
Why Do Evergreen Trees Stay Green All Year Long? Unlike evergreen trees, deciduous tree leaves change color in the Fall. Their leaves contain three main pigments: chlorophyll (green), carotene (yellow, orange, brown), and anthocyanin (red). In the Fall, cooler temperatures and shorter days cause chlorophyll in deciduous trees to disintegrate rapidly letting carotene or anthocyanin shine through causing the leaves to change colors. There are a number of different types of evergreen trees. They can be found all over the world in tropical and cold regions. Cypress, pine, and fir trees are all evergreens, as are hollies and some oak trees. By: Nailah Joyner This concludes my presentation. I hope you have enjoyed it. Evergreen tree leaves have a wax like coating that absorbs moisture. Since, evergreens have small, wrapped leaves it leads to less moisture loss. Because of evergreens storage of moisture, they can survive with no sunlight. Credit to my mom for helping me.
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