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OH SNAP! Using Snapchat for fun & engagement

This Prezi was presented at eduWeb Digital Summit on July 28 in Chicago, IL. While mainly intended for a higher education marketing audience, it contains insights for anyone hoping to learn more about the platform.

Lindsay Nyquist

on 18 May 2017

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Transcript of OH SNAP! Using Snapchat for fun & engagement

The basics
Timeline of Snapchat
(Make sure to turn on your filters first.)
Snapchat hacks!

What is it?
The original mission:
"Snapchat isn’t about capturing the traditional Kodak moment. It’s about communicating with the full range of human emotion -- not just what appears to be pretty or perfect.”
Snapchat launches
under the name Picaboo.

Photos can be taken and sent to others to be viewed once before vanishing.

Photos can be captioned and drawn upon.
July 2011
My Story feature is introduced.

It allows personal video montages (photos and videos) to be created and viewed an unlimited number of times over a 24-hour period.
october 2013
Texting and live video chat are now available.
May 2014
Our Story is introduced.

It is crowdsourced montages of large events and gatherings of people, curated by Snapchat.

June 2014
Geofilters are launched.

They allow branded illustration overlays to be applied to images within a certain geographic area.

December 2014
Discover is launched, allowing users to consume media from 12 editorial teams (National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, Slate, etc.)

Snapcodes are also introduced, making QR codes cool.
January 2015
By May 2014, Snapchat was processing over
700 million images a day.

Now over 1 billion Stories are viewed a day.
iPhone specific
Type more text
Use black or white crayon
Getting Around Snapchat
Enlarge emojis as graphics
Snapchat is the #3 social media app among Millennials
Report by ComScore, August 2014
Why does it exist?
What makes it different?
Data from Wikipedia, June 2015
Info from Digiday & Snapchat, July 2014
Info from expandedramblings.com
of college students use snapchat daily
Info from expandedramblings.com
of users contribute content daily
Leading social media apps among 18 to 34-year-olds by Smartphone penetration
Snapchat users
by age group
ages 13-17
ages 18-24
ages 25+
Snapchat is a photo and
video messaging app.
To give users a FUN(!)
non-permanent communication option.
Urgent +
Temporary +
Anonymous (ish) =
Snapchat generally allows between 24-93 characters of small text and 35 characters of large text.

Get more by turning your phone sideways or pasting in blank space from Notes.
Make your own geofilter!
Create a creative, transparent .png file that is 1080 px x 1920 px.

Leave a buffer zone at the top and bottom of the file of 149 px.
Logos aren't recommended (though are allowed for
colleges & universities).

Avoid borders around
the entire design.
Upload image and provide your info.

Draw a map around where the filter should exist.
Submit and wait!
Use more than one filter at a time
Add music to your videos
top 10
uses in higher ed
#1: showing off campus.
#2: getting feedback.
#3: providing social care.
#4: promoting events & activities.
#5: broadcasting an event.
#6: interviewing & introducing.
#7: creating content.
#8: running a contest.
#9: generating enthusiasm.
#11: having fun.
story interactions
What to measure? and how?
Story Snap Views
The unique number of people who viewed that snap.

Story Fallout Ratio
(Audience Retention)
The difference in views between the first and last snap of a Story.

Snap Screenshots
The number of screenshots taken of content.
TylerLawrence.com, "A breakdown of Snapchat metrics and what they mean for marketers"
Snapchat doesn't make metrics easy!
Your Snapchat
The number of Snaps you've sent and received

(not that useful)
Getting started
Create an account
Download the Snapchat app

Use the same handle as your Twitter &/or Instagram if possible!
cross-promote on other platforms
Continue to cross-promote individual snaps/Stories
Get help
This is a great platform for reliable student workers. They can:

Create content
Keep you up-to-date on changes
Cover events
Follow Back
Follow back your followers to help get your name out and see new tricks!
try 3rd party apps
s w i p e
s w i p e
s w i p e
s w i p e
gear icon
ghost icon
328 / 339 = 97%
(both your content & others')
#10: giving a sneak peek.
Snapchat doesn't allow black or white crayon colors by default.

With the crayon turned on, drag your finger all the way to the bottom to get black; all the way to the left to get white.
Add an emoji or text, hit T to enlarge, then drag, pinch, and rotate as desired.
Add the first filter. Keeping your finger on the screen, start swiping with another finger to add the second filter.
These apps use images from your Camera Roll for later posts and making graphics ... however, Snapchat shuts them down regularly.
Red for unopened snaps. Blue for unopened texts.
Solid red for unopened snaps. Open red for opened snaps.
Blue for texts.
Text chat with the keyboard and blue button.
Hold yellow for video chat.
Flash options
Front- or back-facing camera options.
Recent updates on top
Live (Our Story)
Alpha order of contacts
Circle indicates how much longer of 24 hours the Story is available
Content is refreshed every 24 hours.
Interview individuals from:
Academic departments
Alumni Relations
Cultural and interest centers
Financial Aid
President's Office
Recreational Services
Student government
Ruffalo noel-levitz 2015
e-expectations survey
Tap for photo.
Hold for video.
Text and crayon options appear here after picture is taken
Snapchat is heavily used by higher education's target demographic, but users are still not expecting brands to use it.
Changes to the platform are happening constantly, so play with a personal account or keep an eye on blogs, power users, and students.
Don't worry about things looking "viewbook perfect." Strive for authenticity instead.
Metrics and reliable "cheat" apps are still in the future, so look for anecdotal evidence.
Have fun with it and try new things! This is an appropriate place to be casual, silly, real, or weird.
Play a song on your phone before starting the video and the song will play on the Story.
Lindsay Nyquist, Social Media & Video Coordinator
Fort Lewis College
@nyquistify #social8 #eduweb15
Lindsay Nyquist
Social Media & Video Coordinator
Fort Lewis College
Using Snapchat for fun & engagement
It's only accessible via mobile devices.
young social trend
Away from scrapbooking & documenting

Towards fun & quick conversations, live-streams, and chats
Promote in print
Utilize Snapcodes or advertise geofilters
Social media sites used
at least once a week
Social media best for
researching colleges
Turn on geofilters and other options here.
Add a selfie pic in the ghost by tapping on it.
Look for people in the numbers
JOin the conversation: #eduweb15 #social8
This platform is about personal interaction, so treat people as individuals.
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