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CSR Presentation- The Body Shop

No description

Shomal Raju

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of CSR Presentation- The Body Shop

The Body Shop Corporate Social Responsibility The Body Shop First store- 26th March 1976;
Brighton, England The Body Shop Values The Body Shop-
Key Issues and Challenges Conclusion The Body Shop has many Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in place.
It is evident that they strive towards maintaining the ethical and environmentally aware image that they have created for themselves by working, sponsoring and partnering with global foundations and organisations that run for worthy causes.
The Body Shop was one of the first companies to strive to be ethical and sustainable and in doing so; they have allowed themselves to be held in a positive light by many consumers on a global scale. Shomal Raju
#51491T From early on, focussed on the environment, human and animal rights, and personal growth 1982- new shops opening at the average of 2 per month around the world 1985- first time sponsoring an organisation- Greenpeace 1986- first Community Trade Product initiated 1990- establishment of The Body Shop Foundation L’Oreal acquiring The Body Shop in a cash deal worth $1.14 billion US in 2006
intense criticism faced
L'Oreal- known for testing products on animals Sourcing ingredients from unethical plantations
The Body Shop Columbia
legal action sought against the company “Some of Body Shop's critics and customers said that they felt betrayed by the deal as Roddick had previously been vocal in her criticism of companies like L'Oréal. They called for a boycott of Body Shop's products. However, Body Shop and Roddick defended the deal by saying that the acquisition by L'Oréal would not compromise Body Shop's ethics; the merger would, in fact, give Body Shop a chance to spread its values to L'Oréal. L'Oréal also announced that Body Shop's values would not be compromised and that it would continue to operate as an independent unit.”
(ICMR India; n.d.) “the cosmetics giant that claims to source ingredients from companies that protect local farmers' rights buys palm oil from an organisation that pushed for the eviction of peasant families to develop a new plantation.” (The Guardian; 2009) Comply with the requirements of the Humane Cosmetics Standard, created by The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments
'Leaping Bunny' guarantees requirements of Humane Cosmetic Standard have been met

The Body Shop supports and sponsors-
Cruelty Free International
World Society for the Protection of Animals
Animal Protection Principles
Animals Australia
Don’t Palm Us Off
The Australian Orang-utan Project
World Wildlife Fund. The Community Fair Trade programme was launched in 1987

ensure global communities have a fair chance at social change
over 1, 200 products, 80% contain at least 1 Community Fair Trade ingredient “Our Community Fair Trade (CFT) programme sources high-quality natural ingredients, gifts and accessories from the four corners of the globe, while helping to bring about social change among the smallholders and artisans who produce them. Based on the principles of fair trade, CFT provides access to a market that would otherwise be out of reach to these people and their communities.”
(The Body Shop; n.d.) Encourages customers to be happy with the way they are
'celebrate the way you look' (The Body Shop; 2013) “We promise to only create products that do exactly what they say on the label, and communicate honestly and clearly, without confusing jargon, and misleading product claims.” (The Body Shop; 2013) Supports-
Bizness Babes
The Butterfly Foundation
All Together Now
Beyond Blue
Cyber Smart
Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria
National Advisory Group on Body Image
Reachout. Policies based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights “The Body Shop ensures its products are sourced and produced where human and civil rights are respected.” (The Body Shop; 2013) Partnered with and sponsors-
All Together Now
Amnesty International
AIDS Trust of Australia
Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation
CARE Australia
Child Wise
Children on the Edge
Human Rights Watch
Male Family Violence Prevention Association
Make Poverty History
Reconciliation Australia
Staying Alive- HIV and Aids Prevention
The Big Issue
White Ribbon Day. Recent Initiatives-
The use of LED lighting in stores
Ensuring that the 100% unmodified palm oil is sourced and is certified sustainable
Vegetarian products
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved source for wooden products.
The use of recycled materials and minimal packaging. Foundations and organisations they support-
Climate Friendly
Australian Conservation Foundation
Clean Up Australia
Conservation Volunteers Australia
Friends of the Earth
Green Electricity Watch
Palm Oil Action Group
Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. has implemented the use of environmentally sustainable resources wherever they can. References •All Together Now (n.d.) About us | All Together Now. [online] Available at: http://alltogethernow.org.au/about [Accessed: 28 Dec 2012].

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