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The Watsons Go to Birminham 1963

No description

Ny'Shiana Ray

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of The Watsons Go to Birminham 1963

The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963 Main Characters protagonist She is a little girl who is very kind and smart!! Joetta Watson Momma-She is a fair firm mother married dad Dad-He is a really fun and cool kind of dad. Byron-He thinks the he is so awesome and in control of Kenny's life but deep on the inside he is a really good brother to have to protect Kenny. Kenny-He is my narrator of the story and he is a boy with a lazy eye who deals with bullies all through the story which is mostly Byron Setting My setting takes place in Flint, Michigan and then in Birmingham,Alabama Funny Part Byron starts setting toy dinosaurs on fire And sending them into the toilet So then momma tries to burn his fingers to teach him his lesson about putting burning toys into toilet. But every time momma tries to burn him, Joetta tries to stop momma. Momma gives up because Joetta spit on her so many times to blow the flame away Fact My book happened during the Birmingham church bombing.It happened on Sunday September 15th ,1963.There were 4 young girls that didn't make it out of the church alive. The girls were Addie Mae Collins, age 14 born 4/18/49,died 9/15/63. Denise McNair, age 11 born 11/17/51,died 9/15/63.Carole Roberston, age 14 born 4/24/49, died 9/15/63.Cynthia Wesley age 14 born 4/30/49, died 9/15/63. The girls died because the bomb was thrown right behind them. The Genre is Historical Fiction.I know that because the characters in the story are made up but the time and place is during segregation times. The Point of View is told from first person omniscient because Kenny gives his own thinking but not the other main characters . Antagonist Jim Crow Genre The Point of View The End By:Ny'Shiana Starr Ray I think that anyone who likes to read about history would like this book
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