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Present Continuous for 1º/2º ESO

Grammar and Usage

Tomás Díaz Gómez

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Present Continuous for 1º/2º ESO

That's all, folks! Today we will study the... Present Continuous We use it to express an action which is happening now. http://youtu.be/4rQqdSagoOU http://www.burlingtonbooks.com/Spain/Page.aspx?PageID=1566 Formation Affirmative
I am eating
You are eating
He/She/It is eating
We are eating
You are eating
They are eating Negative
I'm not eating
You aren't eating
He/She/It isn't eating
We aren't eating
You aren't eating
They aren't eating Interrogative
Am I eating...?
Are you eating...?
Is he/she/it eating...?
Are we eating...?
Are you eating...?
Are they eating...? Spelling rules:
live - living
run - running
begin - beginning
travel - travelling
lie - lying Time expressions now
right now
at the moment
at present
this week Contrast
Present Simple / Present Continuous Present Simple - regular habits, routines.
Present Continuous - what is happening at the moment of speaking. We have dinner at nine o'clock every evening.
I am having dinner at a restaurant now. Stative verbs Verbs of feeling and thinking don't usually use the Present Continuous. I want a computer for Christmas.
Lisa doesn't know him.
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