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Pictureline Conquer Composition

No description

Adam Barker

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of Pictureline Conquer Composition

Who Am I?
1. Inclusion
2. Exclusion
3. Arrangement
1. Look for Intruding Elements (rocks, sticks, contrasty light).
2. Review Images on LCD Display
3. Keep People at Your Party!
Overall Aesthetic
1. Engage Viewer Immediately
2. Utilize Compositional Zones
3. Utilize Leading Lines
4. Treat Each Image as Visual Journey
1. Best for Scenes w Elements Stacked Front to Back
2. Search for Layering Within Frame
3. Hunt Through the Lens
4. Search for Cris-crossing Elements
Fall Foliage Workshop, Sept. 21-23
Upcoming Events
Edelweiss Resort Workshop, Garmisch Germany (military personnel only), Oct. 15-19
PDN Photoplus Seminar, New York City, Oct. 25
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