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Academic Writing in Behavioral & Social Sciences

ENGL 130

Jennifer Rubio

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Academic Writing in Behavioral & Social Sciences

Chad, Austin, Jennifer, Barry, Conner, Kendal Academic Writing in Behavioral and Social Sciences Types of Writing Criminal Justice:
Research papers
Police reports Psychology:
Literature review/Critical Analysis
A report
A review
Lab Report/ Empirical Journal Article
Case Studies
Reflection papers Child Development:
a variety of writing assignments
literature review
research papers--different subjects
results on research Above Average Writing Format & Components
of Assignments APA Format
Steps of of a writing assignment include
Rough Draft
Peer Edit
Final Draft Assignments normally include:
Making reasonable arguments based off facts Criminal Justice:
Excellent research
Correct facts
Up to date information
Actual events
Coherent, concise, and logical arguments based off evidence Psychology:
•effective communication
•logical arguments
•experimental results
•lucid and precise writing Child Development:
Clear demonstration of instructions
Point by point organization
being concise
citing Professors Pet Peeves Student Writing Mistakes •Writing Mechanical Errors
punctuation, grammar, subject noun, etc.
•APA format errors:
right margins, double spacing, fonts, etc.
describing, in your one words.
Proper grammar
writing in style
•Pet Peeves:
Repeated errors
Not advice when spending numerous hours trying to correct the errors for students benefit
Not following instructions as told
Using slang or texting format Criminal Justice
Depending on the writing students will survey peers to assess their opinion on something related to criminal justice
Research varies differently for every project RESEARCH Psychology
Depends on the field Child Development
Domain specific
cognitive, emotional, social, physical
Research reports
reflection papers
agency reports Using Writing as a
Professional in Each Field Journal Article Helpful Resources Criminal Justice
Basic emails
Course writing assignments
Writing grants
Reports Although studied and researched, the topic of police corruption, in large part, remains a mystery. Criminal Justice Child Development Psychology Child Development: Teaching
editing other peoples writing
publishing--Emerging Topic on Father Attachment) students perform for student writers Criminal Justice:
Student Learning Center
Countless books >>>>>>> Psychology
Online sources
Owl Purdue Child Development:
•APA resources—citation guide in the library
•Read good writing—good summaries, read good articles, what you are exposed to helps you with resources.
•Practice—you must write to improve your writing.
•Get feedback!! http://www.csuchico.edu/bss/index.shtml More Information THANK YOU! EXAMPLES APA FORMAT EXAMPLE RUBRIC Example of an Evaluation
Discipline course
Critical thinking
lifelong justice Goals
Professionalism Learning outcomes
Express ourselves
Effective writing communication
Understanding What is Criminal Justice? Everyday use: Judgment
•Passionate about working with children and families
•Numerous opportunities of research
•Learning/thinking outside the box
•Helping children
•Making a difference in a child's life Career Opportunities:
Government--Social Worker
Medical Field--Therapist
Business--sales, management EXAMPLE Psychology is the science of the mind and behavior. There are different branches: Clinical psychology
Cognitive psychology
Developmental psychology
Evolutionary psychology
Forensic psychology
Health psychology
Occupational psychology
Social psychology "In terms of public trust for law enforcement, recent polls show that only 56 percent of people rated the police as having a high or very high ethical standard as compared with 84 percent for nurses." Author: Rich Martin
Source: FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin An Analytical Look into Police Ethics Martin created a list of characteristics that he feels officers must possess to have integrity: prudence, trust, courage, intellectual honesty, responsibility, & sense of justice Summary: Martin attempts to identify the main causes of police corruption and defines the meaning of integrity in relation to the integral parts of police work. such as "The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing" by Michael Harvey
& "On Writing Well" by William Zinsser
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