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Florencia Laudonia

on 2 April 2015

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In our country, Esscaland, we have some troubles with contamination. Part of that contamination comes from the particular cars used every day for people to go to work, to school, etc. With this taxation system we are looking forward to reduce the use of particular
cars and if not, to make them use renewable sources that are more ecological and less

We are going to use a taxation system for oil and petrol for particulars similar to the one implemented in
. They tax
the gallon of diesel and
the gallon of petrol. We
want to tax more diesel because it contaminates more.
Some things about Esscaland
In terms of taxation of fuels for use in airplanes, Esscaland policy will reflect the policies
established throughout the
at present. This would entail taxing the actual sale of fuel at the
same rates
as established for fuel mentioned earlier, however, then the use of said fuel for
transporting goods or passengers would be able to receive a
full tax credit
for the purchase of
additional fuel within Esscaland.
Airline Fuel
About the taxation system
We are also going to implement
zero taxes
in Biodiesel, for public transportation and for particular car as well.
Busses lines used for the
movement of people
from the
VAT taxes on fuel
. This exemption will not be a direct exemption, but rather come in the form of
end of year tax credits
for any money spent on VAT throughout the year.
Fuel Tax Exemptions
Oil and Petrol
Heating Taxes
In terms of a heating tax, it is not the opinion of this agency that a heating tax would be in line
with the goals of the nation
However, as a green economy is an important priority to promote, it is the opinion of this agency that a combination of tax credits for money spent on green energy, federal grant money to assist both individuals and corporations to install green energy infrastructure
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