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Quarter Horses

No description

Chenoa Oleson

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Quarter Horses

Quarter Horses
There is around 3,000,000 quarter horses in the US.
Quarter horses are used for ranch horses, rodeo events like cutting roping and barrel racing, and stock horses.
Quarter Horses in Appearance
Quarter Horses can come in any color, but only certain ones are accepted by AQHA. Those accepted quarter horses colors are sorrel, chestnut, bay, black, brown, gray dun, red dun, grullo, buckskin, palomino, red roan and blue roan.

The Way out
Foundation Sires
The Quarter Horse can be traced back to the descendents of Sir. Archy an English race horse , but the real foundation Sires are his grandsons Steel Dust, Copper Bottom, Printer and Tiger who where bred with Chickasaw Indian Mares.
Quarter Horses in the US
Quarter Horse Gaits
Quarter horses have three natural gaits, a four beat walk, a two beat jog and a three beat lope.
How to use a quarter horse to make money.
Quarter horses are great to race, rodeo, and show. They also make excellent ranch horses so you could use them as horses for a dude ranch.
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