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Moore High School Winterguard!!!

No description

Christina Moses

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Moore High School Winterguard!!!

The Uniforms/ Silks...
The Costs...
Option 1: Uniform 1+ opener silk+closer silk+WGPO fee+ instructor pay = 370$ per person
The Show!!!
- We can do it!
The Show!!!
The uniforms/ silks
The costs...
One team (Varsity only): uniform+ opener silk+ closer silk+ WGPO fee+ instructor pay= 360$ per person
Payment Dates/ amounts:
Moore High School Winterguard!!!
Spring Semester 2014

Introducing the...
Let's Talk JV...
- World War II Military theme
Option 2: Uniform 2+ opener silk+
closer silk+ WGPO fee+ instructor pay
=334$ per person
Option 1.2: Uniform 1+ closer silk+WGPO fee+ instructor pay= 337$ per person (reusing opener silk)
Option 2.2: Uniform 2+closer silk+ WGPO fee+
instructor= 301$ per person (reusing opener silks)
Let's talk Varsity...
Two teams (JV and Varsity): uniform+ opener silk+ closer silk+ WGPO fee+ instructor pay= 414$ per person
- We must have at least 7 people to have a JV.
- There are 16 spots on the Varsity Squad.
Battle theme
-Romeo &
Juliet twist.
(2 soloist parts)
- Colors: gold, army green, red-white-blue
- Colors:
red, black, white, gold
Romeo's Family:
Black and White
Juliet's Family:
Red and Black
- gold, red,
Navy Blue
1st payment: December 5th-100ish$
2nd payment: January 9th- 75ish$
3rd payment: January 30th- 100ish$
4th payment: February 20th- 139ish$
Audition clinics:
- 11/10
- 11/13
- 11/17
JV Auditions:
- 11/18
Varsity Auditions:
- 11/20
** The more people we can recruit to be a part of the winterguard family, the cheaper fees will be. All prices were factored using the bare minimum number of members.
Rehearsal Schedules:
- Mondays 5:00pm- 7:00pm
- Thursdays 4:00pm- 6:00pm
- Tuesdays: 5:00pm- 7:00pm
- Thursdays: 6:00pm- 8:00pm
** Contest Schedule: TBA
- flag, rifle, dance
**The payment amounts are basd on the MOST expensive option***
- Rifle, saber,
flag, and
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