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Internet Safety

Internet Safety Tips for Elementary Students in Intermediate Grades 3-5

Brenda Bayer

on 27 October 2010

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Transcript of Internet Safety

Internet Safety Internet Strangers Never Share Personal Information Online Cyber Bullying Name Address Phone Number School What is Personal Information? "Hi, my name is Susan. What's yours?" "I live in Houston. What about you?" "Hey, what's your phone number so I can call you?" "I go to Jones Elementary...
where do you go?" Never give out personal
You can't know for sure who you are talking to! Use a Screen Name soccergirl13 = :(
ladybug = :)
Chat Rooms email texting web sites Social networks But did you know that bullying happens online too?
Cyber Bullying is using technology to harm somone:
Spreading rumors
Mean words
Threats How do Internet Strangers Contact You Online? IM (Instant Messaging) Learn How To Be Safe Online! Follow These Simple Online Rules... Never Give Out Personal Information NeverTalk to Internet Strangers Never chat with someone online unless you know them already in real life Report Cyber Bullying -- Never respond to a cyber bully Share the sites you visit with your parents What do you do?
Report the problem
Let a parent or teacher know
Help the person feel better and let them know bullying is wrong! Only go online when your parents are home and let them know which sites you will be visiting FaceBook MySpace Twitter UTube Yahoo Geocities Vox Flickr Wink Linked In digg YuMe dodgeball Easy to spot
in real life! Rules to Remember for CyberSpace Personal Information Is:

Information that a stranger could use to locate you. Email address "I'll send you a photo of me and you send me one!" Photos "My mom doesn't let me go on this site much. Send me your email address so we can talk."
Only open email, IM messages, pictures, or texts from people you know already in real life...

Opening emails, from people you don't know can lead to problems -- these messages may contain viruses which can harm your computer. Use Kid-Safe Internet Browsers:
Google For Kids
Yahooligans Kids
Sweet Search Opening Email or Texts Can Ruin Your Computer Tell your parent or teacher if something makes you uncomfortable
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