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Grapes of Wrath Timeline

Timeline of events that occur throughout the grapes of wrath

Daniel Howell

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Grapes of Wrath Timeline

A Chronology Drought Strikes the Midwest Tom Joad released after serving 4 years in prison Tom meets Rev. Jim Casy Tom finds his home deserted When Tom and Jim get to Uncle John's house, the family is already preparing to begin their journey west to California. Having been kicked out of their home and no opportunity to make a living with Uncle John, the family decided to take a gamble on a rumor they hear of jobs and a booming economy in California As summer drags on in the mid-west in the mid 1930s, so does the terrible drought. Crops die, clouds of dust replace the blue of the sky and families begin to wonder how they will survive. Having served 4 years of his sentence for manslaughter charges, Tom is released on parole and introduced in the form of a hitch-hiker finding his way home After catching a ride for a short distance with a trucker who was stopped outside of a diner, Tom finds the old Reverend Casy. Casy recalls the time when he used to be a preacher and was baptizing Tom who was too preoccupied pulling on another girls pig tails. After shooting the breeze and wandering, Casy decided he would stick with Tom while he searched for his family Upon reaching the farm, Tom and Jim find it as well as several of the neighboring farms completely deserted. Unsure of what to do next, the pair is confronted by a former neighbor of Tom's who has stayed back to squat on the land while his family has already moved on. The neighbor explains that families have been driven off the land as a result of tenant farming. Tom is told that his family has moved in with their Uncle John. Tom finds family preparing to leave for California The Grapes of Wrath In preparing for the trek, Pa Joad shows Tom the truck he and Tom's younger brother Al had bought. Before they embark, the family collectively decides that Casy should be allowed to make the trip as well. The journey begins (almost) Having made all the final preparations, the family, with the exception of Grandpa, is ready to start their trip west. Grandpa, for some reason decides that he no longer wants to go to California and insists on staying. Clearly senile and unfit to support himself alone, the family laces his coffee with sleeping medication and loads him onto the truck once he is asleep. Finally, the Joads hit the road! The Journey begins! Slightly west of Oklahoma City, the Joads stop for the day and meet the Wilson family - Ivy and Sairi - whose car is broken down. The two graciously offer the use of their tent and bed to grandpa who has become ill. Soon though, grandpa suffers a stroke and dies. The next day, the Joads hold an impromptu funeral and bury grandpa. Casualty Strikes After dealing with Grandpa, the two families agree that traveling together would be beneficial. Thus, the Wilson-Joad family friendship had begun. Friends on the Road When the Wilson's car encounters troubles along the route, Tom and Casy offer to stay behind and make the repairs, catching up with the rest of the group later. Ma Joad is unwilling to let the family be split apart and essentially says the only way to get her to leave without them is to beat her. The whole group stays put until the repairs are made. Ma keeps family together At camp the night of the break down, Pa is interrupted by a wealthy man who sets things straight about the job situation in California. The man explains that the pamphlets and handbills that everybody has trusted are grossly over-printed. Pa gets bad news As the group passes the California border, things begin to deteriorate. Noah decides that his family doesn't truly love him so he will stay behind and live off the fish in the creeks. Grandma Joad and Sairi Wilson both develop some health issues and the Wilsons insist that the Joads carry on without them. Group Dissent After agreeing to leave the Wilsons, the Joads are rushed out of their camp by police. On their way further into California they have another encounter with the police for a routine inspection. By the time they reach the valley, Ma reports that Grandma's health problems worsened and she had died before the inspection Another death in the family After dealing with Grandma, the family joins at a camp called Hooverville where they, along with everyone else, fail to find any work Hooverville After a corrupt land owner instructs a corrupt deputy to arrest an innocent man, Casy knocks the deputy unconscious (albeit with help from Tom). Aware that Tom has broken parole by leaving Oklahoma, Casy takes the fall for the incident and is arrested Casy attacks Police Since the incident with Casy results in the destruction of Hooverville, the Joads must once again find somewhere to set up camp and look for work. The family moves around from place to place, finding increasing amounts of distaste and animosity until they finally find a government sponsored facility Time to move on On his first morning at the new camp, Tom meets a man who says he may have some work for him. Later in the day, the man says the people he works for, a farmers association does not like the camp and has already made plans to instigate riots and have the camp shut down. Plan for destruction Frustrated with a lack of work opportunities, the Joads are once again preparing to find a new camp when they are approached and offered a job picking peaches away from the camp. They arrive at the peach orchards to find a line of cars and news that they will only be paid 5 cents a box for the peaches they pick. Joads get jobs! Tom, curious about something going on roadside in the camp, tries to investigate but is turned away by guards. Determined to find something out, Tom sneaks past the guards and finds Casy again who tells him of what has happened and that he is now responsible for organizing workers. Two policemen approach Casy, call him a communist and kill him with a crushing blow to the head. Tom finds Casy Tom is reacts quickly in rage and uses the same pick handle to bludgeon Casy's murderer. He runs away and tells his family what happened. He then goes into hiding so he does not bring any more trouble to the family. Tom Retaliates Tom's kid sister Ruthie, angry at another girl for trying to take her treats boast that her older brother has killed two men and is now in hiding. Ma runs into the forest to tell Tom where Tom explains that he has been pondering what Casy told him before he died and has decided he is going to help organize workers like Casy had done. Ruthie blows Tom's story Once the family had finally found work and a sort of home (really only a boxcar), a heavy rain storm prevented them from doing any work. Tensions grow as the men express their fear in the form of anger, people have to steal to feed themselves and the rains refuse to relent. Heavy rains come In the midst of the storm, with waters continuing to rise to levels that threaten their shelter, Rose of Sharon, who has been pregnant since leaving Oklahoma goes into labor and delivers a stillborn baby. Tragedy Strikes Again Rose, despite the circumstances is ready to help, and in a "desperate times" situation, goes to desperate measures and suckles the man, saving his life. Rose saves a life On the sixth day of the storm, the flooding becomes too much and the Joad family decides they must abandon their shelter and seek dry ground. Their search leads them to a barn where they find a boy and his father, who is dying of starvation. A strange discovery
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