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Tour San Francisco

No description

Lawrence L

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Tour San Francisco

Tour San Francisco
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Los Angeles, CA
Why San Francisco?
Establish San Francisco as a prime West Coast vacation destination
Show that San Francisco is more than just the cliche (e.g. Golden Gate Bridge)
San Francisco
Inconveniences to visitors
SWOT Analysis
Support for alternative modes of transportation
More up to date MUNI system
Potential for marketing a trip to the city based on special events
Crime rate statistics
Strikes and protest demonstrations
Rise in tax rates
Hotels in nearby cities
Age 28-36
Young professionals with disposable income
May or may not have kids
Target Market
Consumer Perceptions
"San Francisco is one of the most cultural diverse cities I've ever visited. Local people is kind and helpful. There are lots of attractions for everyone: interesting museums, fun nightlife, sports and everything you can imagine. Everyone must visit this city at least once in their life!"
"The most serious homeless issue I have ever seen in this country. We've been to all of this nation's urban areas and we would not return to San Francisco."
Diversity and culture
Unique attractions
Many modes of transportation
"Beautiful city with interesting neighborhoods, lots of things to do"
"This city has everything a tourist could want"
"A city of beauty, colorful history, and diverse population"
"It's like no other place in this country. You can get tired of New York or Miami or L.A., but not San Francisco."
"Coming to San Francisco is like a dream. I am fascinated with the city as whole, so clean, so different. It was a wonderful experience..."
"Expensive, Bad Homeless Problem, Terrible Traffic"
"Smelly, did not feel so safe .. enjoyed it better in the day time ..a bit over priced won't go back."
"Expensive with unpredictable weather"
"Really Big Hills...Walking Can Be rough"

The Competition
Environmental Analysis
$8.9 billion in tourism spending
16.5 million visitors total
Visitors on an avg. day: ~131,000
Visitor spending on an avg. day: $24.5 million
Hotel occupancy: 79.5%
2012 Statistics
$16.5 billion in tourism spending
41.4 million visitors
Hotel occupancy: 75.4%
2012 Statistics
Purpose of visit
Leisure/Vacation: 75.4%
Business: 10.6%
Convention: 7.1%
Other: 6.9%
Nearly double the size of S.F.
Theme parks
Nice beaches
Warm weather
Fascinating and unique city, full of culture and diversity
Offers so much to do and see
Unique neighborhoods each with their own personality and vibe
Historic landmarks
Beautiful scenery
Many events and attractions
Internet banner
Transit advertising
Airport Billboard
Lawrence Liang
Dana Wong

Group #10
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