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college football playoff system 2

telling people why there should be a college football playoff system

Douglas Engel

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of college football playoff system 2

College Football Playoff system Every year there are teams who are worthy to play in the football national championship game, but they cannot because they are in a tie with another team or in a weaker division.
The reasons: Why is there not a playoff system in colllege football? The reasons are:

The presidents of the major colleges are afraid they will lose the revenues they receive from these bowl games. If the games are advertised appropriately to the public, they could make the same amount of money if their program were to make it to the championship. (Al Neuharth)

In fact in Washington, D.C., the house subcommittee has approved legislation aimed at creating a college football playoff system. (House Subcommittee Pass College Football Playoff Bill)

Another reason is the argument that a four-week playoff system would keep the student athletes out of school. But how is having a four-week playoff system different from four weeks of games in the regular season?

Why: The Law behind the palyoff system: Many people believe that a postseason would be too complicated. For this reason people stay away from the idea of college playoffs. Well infact a playoff system is everything except complicated, but there needs to be rules and regulations An example of this was Boise state vs. Oklahoma in the in the 2007 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
But it is not just because of the unfairness of the current system, it is because the majority of those who watch college football want a playoff system. A CNN poll results show that 59% of college football fans want a playoff system to determine who plays in the National Championship game. The College football playoff system would be similar to the college basketball playoff system.

1. The post-season would start a week after the regular season ends and the games would be played on Saturdays.

2. Sixteen of the highest ranked teams by the BCS are selected to participate in the playoffs.

3. To try and keep the tradition of the bowls they would use the bowls (like the Rose Bowl) as the playing fields in which the teams would play their games.

4. To avoid the fans paying a fortune to go and see their teams all over the counrty, the West coast teams would stay on the westside of the country and the East coast teams would play on the eastside of the country. Until the championship games, which would be determined where it would be played at by the BCS (Bowl Championship Series).

5. All the teams would then play to eliminate one another until the champion emerges.

Tragedy Today, i will be arguing why college football needs a playoff system by first explaining how the current system is unfair, then stating the reasons why there needs to be a playoffs system, and finally showing how uncomplicated a post-season bracket would work.
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