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Arthur Miller

No description

Sabrina LCS

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Arthur Miller

91 dead, 25000-30000 arrested,267 synagogues destroyed, thousands of homes invaded by Hitler's men.
~ intimidating- often led to many dramatic questionable revelations
Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller
House of Un-American Activities
Communist Connections
Overview of Works
Basic Facts
Born: October 17, 1915
Parents: Augusta Barnett and Isadore Miller
Died: February 10, 2005 of Heart Failure

Married Life
Left his first wife Mary Slattery in 1956
Married Marilyn Monroe shortly afterward
Divorced Marilyn Monroe in 1961
Married 3rd wife Inge Morath (had two kids- Rebecca and Daniel)
Beliefs / Political Outlooks
Miller during the depression Miller swung more on to the side of Leftist views.
Leftist views were generally used as an description for a person who supported social changes to create a more equal society.
Communist Connections
Miller suspected by the House of Un-American Activities for being a communist. When questioned he refused to reveal other communists.
It was later discovered in a well hidden FBI file, that Miller had one key connection to communism... his wife Marilyn Monroe.
Death of a Salesman
Not very close to son Biff. Because he is not successful.Has had many jobs.
The Crucible
Main character Willy Loman
Mid 60's
Is mentally unstable
Thought he was betrayed by hollow values and American society
Then dies
Gets fired, and argues with son and crashes his car.
Lindsey Hager
Sabrina Twery
Bryar Westveer
Makenna Westveer

Taught By:
About Salem Witch Trials
parable of US in McCarthy era
an allegory designed to teach a truth, or religious principle, or moral lesson
Main characters-
Abigail (pastor's niece)

Preacher though his niece and her friends were witches.
Abigail accuses lover wife (Elizabeth) of witchcraft
12 in the community are accused of witchcraft
John Abigaial's lover was tried in aiding in witchraft. Was executed.
Main Character- Quentin
Had an affair with 3 women
He was involved in Communism hearings
Based on Arthur Miller's marriage with Marilyn Monroe
Was about Quentin's affairs and his life
After the Fall
A View from the Bridge
Main Character- Eddie Carbone
He raised his niece after her parents died.
Housed Italian immigrants for a friend.
One immigrant took a liking to his niece Catherine.
Had them deported but Catherine marries Radolpho so he stays.
Eddie secretly lusts after his niece and this destroys his family.
All My Sons
Main Characters-
Herbert Deever
Joe Keller
Is set after WWII and how it affected America.
Herbert dies mysteriously.
Joe cannot take pressure about death of Herbet and just as he is about to turn himself in his kills himself.
His family did nothing to help his stress or grief about his involvement with Herberts death. And when he was buried no one came to visit his grave.
A Memory of Two Mondays
Time period in the 1930's during the Great Depression.
Talks about a man's life and what its like to work 6 days a week at a boring job with minimal pay.
Time- the1st Monday of Summer and 1st Monday of Winter.
Setting in an old automobile parts warehouse called "Eagles of Sons", in Brooklyn, NY
Main Character- Bert
Remembering the people he used to work with and how much they have changed due to the Great Depression.
About a family whose father sold faulty airplane parts to the governement
~ House Un- American Activities Committe

~ Created in 1938 during the Cold War
His Alter Ego
Arthur Miller worked under the pseudonym of Matt Wayne
Wayne was a notorious communist theater critic who worked for the New Masses paper
The New Masses kept Wayne (or Miller's) true identity a secret to the press
~ House of Representatives committee
~ wields the power to issue subpoena which they used as a weapon
~ it investigates allegations of communist party activity
~ citizens must testify before Congress during high- profile hearings
Who is Arthur Miller?
Best known as an American playwright and essayist
He was often in the public eye because of the HUAC and his marriage to Marilyn Monroe.
~ Communists infiltrating American institutions
~ tactics led to fear, distrust and repression- Anti- Communist hysteria of 1950
~ influence declined- early 1960's
~ stopped isuing subpoenas- 1969
~ renamed- Committee on National Security
Broken Glass
~ stopped all operations- 1975
Set in November 9 & 10, 1938
The Nazi attacks on Jewish communities.
Main Characters-
Phillip Gellburg
Sylvia Gellburg

Brooklyn, NY
Sylvia talks to a therapist who helps her paralyze and tells him about her failing marriage.
Phillip dies of a heart attack
Sylvia is paralyzed from the waist down after reading about Kristallnacht
After his death, Sylvia's paralyze is cured.
1. Arthur Miller is best known as an American playwright, and essayist.
2. Born October 17, 1915;
Died February 10, 2005
3. Married to Mary Slattery, Marilyn Monroe,
and Inge Morath.
4. True or False- Miller was politically conservative. FALSE
5. Arthur Miller's pseudonym is Matt Wayne, a communist theater critic.
6. HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) investigates allegations of communist party connections
7. What/ Who was Miller's connection to the communist party?
Marilyn Monroe (his second wife).
8. Name three of Miller's popular works: You could have used...

Death of a Salesman,
The Crucible,
After the Fall,
A View From the Bridge,
All My Sons,
A Memory of Two Mondays,
Broken Glass
Are You Ready To Go Over the Answers?
Miller tended to be more liberal

~ 1956:
~ June: subpoena by HUAC
~ refused to answer questions
~ 'associated' with Communists
~ 1957: indicted with charges for contempt on Congress
~ 1958: charges dropped by U.S. Court of Appeals
~ Arraigned:
~ March 1, 1957- United States District Court
~ charged w/ two counts (one for every question not answered
~ Maximum punishment:
~ 1 year jail and/or $573.9846

Monroe had many friends with leftist views who influenced her and Miller as well.
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