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Copy of Sell your project in 5 steps | FREE TEMPLATE

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Donald Ginn

on 30 August 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Sell your project in 5 steps | FREE TEMPLATE

Down the Hill
The Advanced Placement (AP) Classes prepare students for very difficult tests, taken in May, that provide college credit for those earning passing scores; consequently, AP classes provide the most rigorous challenges available.
High Expectations & Success!
The Right Direction

For the past ten years, Grossmont has maintained one of the top AP pass rates in the GUHSD District
Grossmont continues to increase the number of students challenging themselves at the AP-level, while maintaining a high pass rate.
"Home of the Astronauts"
Grossmont High School's
Gifted and Talented Program (GATE), 2018-2019
Rick Sturkow Bill Anders Ellen Ochoa

AP Pass Rates:
GHS District
2006-55% 52%
2007-64% 55%
2008-68% 53%
2009-65% 58%
2010-63% 53%
2011-63% 53%
2012-60% 53%
2013-63% 56%
2014-59% 57%
2015-62% 59%
2016-53% 59%
2017-58% 59%
2018-56% N/A (5th in District)
GHS AP Test Takers:
2015-282 276 Ave.
All Grossmont students are provided the
opportunity and tools
for AP success, easing the climb to college-level success:

The widest variety of AP course offerings in the district
Support classes and tutorials
Dedicated and experienced counselors and advisors
Staff members experienced in AP national grading
Curriculum, at all levels, that focuses on analytic reasoning, critical thinking, and skilled writing
The Path

"The trail to success begins with a destination, determination, and a step ahead."
Honors (Pre-Advanced Placement)
AP (Advanced Placement)
The Dedicated Mainstream Classroom
Dedicated Student Support
Thank you!
Tradition of Excellence:
Continuity & Excellence:
Goal #1
Analyze assessment data to guide curriculum and instruction to improve school-wide student achievement
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