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On Justice

Course Selection War in Korea

Arum Emma Cho

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of On Justice

Powerful force in making decisions Example Course Selection War in Korean Universities Economist
‘The Wealth of Nations’
laissez-faire, invisible hand, free market
Transactions between private parties are not restricted by the government Only fittest organisms will prevail in the society

Competition: environment for human development Social Darwinism 'Strongest and fittest should flourish in this society, while the weak and unfit should be allowed to die for the development of the society' Free competition in the market Invisible hand- when market is left upon decision of people, it works most efficiently.
Same could be applied to course selection in college
demand> supply
First-come-first-served system
Fair competition?? Introduction
Case study: ‘Unfair course selection process in Korean Universities’
Comparative analysis between two political philosophies
Libertarianism (Nozick)
Theory of Justice (Rawls)
Different perspectives of course selection process
Social Darwinism
Adam Smith’s Lassaiez-Faire principle
Our possible solutions for the course selection process in Korea
Conclusion New Market buying and selling course for certain monetary incentives.

EX) in many online forums and community sites in Korea, students auction off popular courses to the students who desperately need them Libertarian’s perspective Brainstorming ADAM SMITH’s PHILOSOPHY Survival of the Fittest Table Of Content Course Selection in Korea first come first served basis courses chosen by students in a matter of seconds. During the Process, you have to be very fast and agile
you are competing with thousands of other students in getting the same courses that you want Trade off: incentivizing courses In 2009, a student at Bukyung University in Busan, purposely sold 4 popular classes to students for 50,000 won each (60 U.S dollars) “There is nothing wrong with selling and buying courses online because I am simply supplying the courses to fulfill the demand of the students who wish to take the course. Since the numbers of the courses are limited, I have no choice but to sell them to meet the demand.” Seller Buyer Courses Each individual has fundamental right to liberty: a right to choose freely, to live freely while we respecting other people’s rights and liberties.

Libertarians believe that as long as people fulfill justice in acquisition and justice in transfer, than they have the legitimacy in exchanging goods and resources. Rawl’s perspective Rawls would argue that the action of the student is morally wrong because the seller created a situation where the buyer had no choice but to buy the courses from the seller.

Rawls would argue that the act of selling and buying courses at Bukyung University have turned fair opportunity into a selective consent where it only benefits few people. (The ones who are willing to pay for the courses) Social Darwinism Herbert Spencer Oppose social systems

ex) compulsory sanitation, free public schools, mandatory vaccinations top deserves to be there because they are fit and therefore are entitled to benefit at the expense of the weak Natural!! Moral Level Eugenics : Humans should be selectively bred by force Justification for the genocide actions are for the benefit of human generation and development Criticisms Justification for behavior that undermines moral standards by letting the strong set standards of justice to the harm of the weak Laissez-faire Libertarinism Application to the Course Selection War in Korea Easy way to justify -
'rule of nature for them to get what they want as the superiors of this society' quick @ clicking

financial ability to buy & sell courses Doubts? Definition - Fitness Case study giving priorities to seniors giving priority to honor students Monopoly is a situation where a specific person or enterprise is the only supplier of a particular commodity.
It is a factor that hinders free competition in the market.
students’ opinion is not taken into consideration in making course selection system
This is not fair Sogang university
New course selection system- higher GPA students get to choose their courses first
It is a choice that did not take students’ opinion
The policy was not implemented Transaction of courses Buy and sell courses during course selection period online/offline
Worsens the problem- make the demand even higher

Adam Smith would say that the creation of black market is reasonable POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS Solution 1 waiting list system Hinder Transaction Solution 2 Demand Survey Know what students want Solution 3 fixed schedule Fair for all Students Kim Kwangwoo Cho A-Rum Shin Jung Eun
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