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OPA Presentation

For Finance Council

Emilie Grahl

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of OPA Presentation

Office of Planning & Analysis Yearly Calendar 27 countries traveled
7 countries lived in
5 languages spoken
100% staff ESOL
+25 years finance experience
7 sports played
1 certified airboat driver
3 kids Year-end results
Open BBRS for next year forecasting
BBRS enhancements testing Oct-Dec Q1 Forecasting
BBRS Enhancements Go Live & Training
November Board Meeting
Budget Season prep and begins Q2 Forecasting
FY14 Budget & Capital Plan
March board meeting
KPI development
FP&A Certification Program
Data Visualization Jan-Mar Apr-Jun Jul-Sep FY Budget Development Budget Review Budget Season Kick-Off Development of Assumptions Budget Approval Q3 Forecasting - April 24th
BBRS Enhancements Design
June board meeting
Data Visualization
KPI/KRI Development
VP Dashboard Development Goals & Objectives 1. Budget Management Balance Budget
YTD Actual Budget Performance
Next FY Budget Development
Capital Budgeting
Multi-year Budgeting 2. Reporting & Analysis Monthly financial package including a dashboard and/or a scorecard w/KPI
Development of financial KRI's for board as initial start to developing an impact/outcome KRI's for the institution
Data Visualization and VP Dashboard
PSIF Management 3. Systems & Training BBRS
Develop financial training program Merit increase
Review leave and fringe rates
Review Web, ITS, and G&A rates
Review Facilities rate and space allocation
Develop Non-Research Targets
ITS, Communications, and General Counsel guidance
Create template for capital budget
Write budget guidance Distribute budget season calendar
Distribute budget guidance
Open BBRS and enter new FY rates
Schedule budget review meetings
Share ITS surcharge and space allocation information
Share chair value amounts with programs Programs Submit next FY budgets
Aggregate Institutional Budget
Analysis and budget meeting materials created and distributed
Budget review meetings held
Programs re-submit final budgets
Non-research program unfunded requests considered
Capital Budget finalized Final proposed budget aggregated
Board materials prepared
Present final proposed operating and capital budgets to Budget and Finance Committee
Budget Approved Implementation of Board Approved Budget Create board approved budget in BBRS and open new year
Make any PeopleSoft changes to allocations/rates, if necessary
Notify programs
Reforecast each quarter
Track YTD Actual against Budget What are we working on now? What's Next? Interesting Facts Forecasted 'to-be-raised' figure totals to $1.79M in Q2 - this figure includes $0.7M planned use of available, unrestricted research program reserve funds. Questions?
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