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This is a prezi about Kenya's water problem

Noah Henkenius

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Kenya

By Noah H and Jackson. Kenya's water problem. Kenya's population is 39 million Basic information Capitol- Nairobi Kenya is located in Eastern Africa. Kenya is very hot because it lies right on the
equator. It needs a lot of water because of the
heat but they don't have the necessary water. The main problems -17 million lack safe water. -22 million sanitation -50% of people live in poverty. -Only 40% of people have tap water. -80% of households don't have latrines. I wouldn't want to walk 3-4 hours to get filthy water. Neither do they. Why we should help. Kenya has many droughts throughout
the year. Women have to walk 3-4 hours
just to get bad water that could make them
sick. 5% infant mortality throughout the country. The destruction of trees throughout the forest has caused massive soil erosion, which pollutes the water. What we can do to help To help you can go to this link https://donate.water.org/ You can donate any amount you want it will go towards building a well for a town so they can get water. Pictures Please donate you have the power to help these people it only takes a little money to help. The End http://thewaterproject.org/community/profile/collin-harrison
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