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Number Talks - Varrie McLaughlin

No description

Varrie McLaughlin

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Number Talks - Varrie McLaughlin

Number Talks format
Teacher presents problem
Pupils figure out possible solutions
Pupils share their answers
Pupils share their thinking
Class agree on their answers e.g 76+25
To get the most from Number Talks experience there needs to be ..
A safe environment
Problems of various levels
Opportunities to think first - then check
Self correction
What are the goals of Number talks ?
Primary goal is computational fluency
Think and reason like mathematicians
Make connections and look for relationships
Going beyond memorizing basic facts and procedures
Sharing strategies with others to develop mathematical language
Classroom observations
Teacher' s Role
Don't teach specific strategies
Carefully select problems which make number relationships evident e.g product is 75 what are the factors?
Allow children to solve problems on their own way
Read situation - keep lesson flowing
Allow pupils to use concrete materials to develop efficiency ( early level)
Interaction between teacher and pupil should be like a conversation rather than a report
Values everyone's thinking and provides adequate thinking time
Varrie McLaughlin
St. Winning's PS
Lines of

Staff knowledge
August 2013

Bill McLarty's workshop
Numeracy Conference at Stirling Management Centre
Collegiate Meetings
Issued lines of progression
TLC model (5/10 minutes)
Professional dialogue
Sharing practice
Staff feedback
Modified lines of progression

Video Clips
Issued strategies booklet
Full transcript