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Carolina Oliveira

on 31 October 2012

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HISTORY Halloween means All Hallow's Eve, or the eve of All Saints, is a celebration of Celtic origin, held two thousand five hundred years ago, . It was a party with several names: Samhain (end of summer), Samhein, La Samon, or even the Sun Feast But what was even the Scot was Hallowe'en. WHAT'S THE ORIGIN OF THE FANTASIES? One of Celtic legends, was one day before the day of the saints, the spirits who died that year, returned to take possession of the same body who killed him. As the people didn't want their bodies possessed on the night of Oct.31 they extinguished the torches and bonfires of their homes for they became cold and unpleasant, they put on their costumes and noisily walked around the neighborhood being as destructive as possible to scare the spirits looking for bodies to possess. TRICK OR TREAT? The game trick or treat originates from Europe in the ninth century called ''souling''. On November 2 All Souls Day, Christians went from village to village asking for "soul cakes" that were made of small squares of bread with currants. For each cake that won one should say a prayer for a dead relative of the donor. PUMPKINS The pumpkins came up with the legend of Jack o'lantern that after being rejected by heaven and hell for doing wrong things and having humiliated Satan, the devil with pity gave him a piece of coal, which he used as a flashlight to light your way he wrapped the ember in a turnip so that it not be erased. The Irish used to light candles inside that plant during the festivities of Halloween. When they went to the United States, however, they had trouble to find the turnip and replaced it with pumpkins, most abundant in the region. WITCHES Witches have a very important role in the history of halloween. According to various legends, witches gathered twice a year, during the change of seasons: in April 30 and October 31. Arriving on flying broomsticks, witches attending a party led by the Devil himself. They threw curses and spells on anyone, transforming them into various things and causing all sorts of trouble. SYMBOLS This party, being related in origin to death, rescues elements and scary images. Are common symbols of this holiday: ghosts, witches, cauldrons, black cats, broomsticks, zombies, skulls, monsters and even characters like Dracula and Frankenstein. CONCLUSION WHY HALLOWEEN? INTRODUCTION What is Halloween?
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