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Egyptian Gods

No description

Adrian Villa

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Egyptian Gods

The Egyptian god's
Imsety The Human-headed God
Imsety the human-headed god is in charge of the liver in the mummification process. Imsety was one of 4 gods involved in mummification. He was associated with Isis and Osiris. The ancient Egyptians before mummifying their pharaohs and dead took out the organs. The organs contained a lot of fluid and could cause the body to decompose quickly. These jars had the head of the four gods of mummification. Before they buried a pharaoh they would take the liver out and put i in the jar that belonged to Imsety the Human headed God.
Qebehsenuef the falcon-headed god
Hapi, The baboon-headed God
Hapi, was a son of Horus. He was referred to as the Baboon-Headed god.He was also part of the mummification process. Hapi was the one who would take care of the lungs. In return the goddess Nephtys would protect Hapi. The lungs of the dead body would be taken out of the body and put in a canopic jar with the face of a baboon or Hapi. There Hapi would protect the lungs from deceases. They had to be in good shape so when the mummified body would resurrect, it could reuse the lungs. When the organs were put back in the body, an amulet of Hapi would be included in the body cavity.
Anubis The Jackal Headed-God
Anubis was considered the God of the Dead. He is also known as Duamutef. Anubis was one of the four sons of Horus and a protection of the Canopic Jars, he looked after the stomach. They called Anubis the God of The Dead since he has a Jackal head and Jackals were usually found by graves. Anubis was the one that according to Egyptians helped mummify. One of the roles of Anubis was "Guardian of the Scales". Deciding the weight of "truth" by weighing the heart against Ma'at, who was often depicted as an ostrich feather, Anubis dictated the fate of souls. In this manner, he was a Lord of the Underworld, only usurped by Osiris.

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At the end, all of these gods are
not much different from each other. Hapi protected the lungs, Qebehsenuef keeps the intestines, Imsety keeps the liver, and Anubis held on to the stomach. They were burried with the dead body that was mummified, the organs in the jars while so. All of these gods were very important during the mummifying process.
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