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Roman Empire

No description

Diara Smith

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Roman Empire

From the Republic of Rome, after centuries of hard work and restlessness, evolved the Roman Empire !
The Roman Republic (before the roman empire)
was a very successful government. It lasted
from 510 BC until 23 BC
- Alomost 500 years!!
H I S T O R Y Early Rome was governed by kings, but after only seven of them
had ruled, the romans took power over their own city and ruled
themselves. The Romans had a council known as the 'Senate'
which ruled over them. From this Point on it was known as the Roman Republic *The word "Republic"
comes from Latin
(the roman language)
Res publica, meaning:
Public Matters. Apollo The twin brother of Diana and
the son of Jupiter and Leto.
He is the God of light, music,
truth, and archery. Also the
God of healing and showed it to
man. Apollo's main importance
was to drive the chariot of the
Sun across the sky. Ceres Goddess of corn, motherhood, agriculture, grain,
crops, initiation and civilization. Protectress of
motherhood, woman and marriage. Daughter
of Saturn and Ops Diana Godess of fertility, the moon, and hunting. Also the

godess of nature, childbirth, wildwood, forests,

animals,mountains, wood and women. Dianna

is also known as Apollos twin sister. She is

praised for her strength, althletic grace,

beauty and her hunting skills. She is

part of a trinity made up of Egeria,

the water nymph (her servant and

assistant midwife) and Virbius

(the woodland god) Juno FuN FaCt Queen of the gods. Jupiters wife and
sister, sister to and Pluto. She was the
guardian of the Empires finances. G O D S M Y T H O L O G Y Roman mythology is made up of beleifs,
rituals, and observances of supernatural
occurances by the ancient Romans from
early periods. Christianity finally replaced
the native religions of the Roman Empire. GLADIATORS professionals who
fought for
entertainment man vs.
man or sometimes
man vs. animal L I T E R A T U R E Latin- language of the
Romans is a lasting legacy of their culture dominace over the Western world. While Greece dominated the East

M E D I C I N E The Romans medicine was
a combination of limited
scientific knowledge and
a deeply rooted religious
and mythological system.
They sometimes sacraficed
offerings to the gods in
hopes of greater success.
They also prayed to gods
such as Hippocrates, father
of modern medicine.
By: Diara & Brianna. THE END!
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