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Key to Success

No description

Alison Kuhfus

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Key to Success

"An upwards of 40% of high school students are
chronically disengaged
from school."
- National Research Council (2003)
"Creating A Community"
Motivation Matters
"The bottom line to the report is that policy discussions right now focus more on how to test students, what they should learn, how to make their schools better, and how to evaluate and improve teachers, instead of on the
single biggest determiner of academic success
student motivation
- Forbes Magazine "Motivation Matters" 2013
Intrinsic Motivation
Student Desires:
1. Connectedness
2. Control
3. Sharing
4. Competence
Ways to share control?
- Give students choice of topics and/or format for assignments
Ask students what kinds of activities they think would help them learn best
Key to Success:
Thank you!
Motivation Techniques
Why is motivation so important?
Discussion Questions?
- What does being chronically disengaged look like?
- How does it affect the students? The classroom? The teacher?
-What is the opposite of chronic disengagement?
Discussion Questions?
- What are some of your current motivation techniques?
- What works? What doesn't?
- What is the best kind of motivation?
*intrinsic motivation
"We established that, while extrinsic motivators (such as grades, parental approval, potential earnings of a career) are common and are the primary motivators for most students, they don’t lead to deep learning and can actually diminish students’ intrinsic interest in a subject and motivation to master it. "

- Lily Claiborne Vanderbilt University CFT
Discussion Question?
- Do you currently meet any of these desires in your classrooms? If so, how?

"Making Connections to Motivate Student Learning"
"Building Relationships"
Discussion Questions:
-How else can you connect with your students?
"Going Social: It's A State of Mind"
Discussion Questions:
-How did Sarah give he students some control?
- Was the project still relative and content based?
Discussion Questions?
- How are community and sharing interrelated?
- Why is sharing so important?
the ability to do something successfully or efficiently
Discussion Questions?
-What does being competent look like?
- How do we assess competency?
- How does control, connectedness, and sharing lead to competence?
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