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Gr12 Social and Ethical Issues

for St Conrads College

Nathalie Alberts

on 13 July 2010

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Transcript of Gr12 Social and Ethical Issues

issues implications social networking This presentation is public at Prezi.com
for Grade12 St Conradians
Kefilwe Natalie Charne Sean Bradley Thabang Tefo Rory and Zaslane
from ma'am 22 April 2010 Thanks to CO & Adam Somlai-Fischer
for this Prezi Power Jesus pixels using computers
open source vs proprietary? Allows the non specialist to use a computer to make technoloy itself culturaly diverse technology is 1. communications e-mail cellphones chat
MXit http://www.zastavki.com/eng/Fantasy/wallpaper-9583.htm Twitter Video Conferencing Global Collaboration Vehicle Control traffic light co-ordination..... parking pay stations..... highway display panels Radio Frequency Identification RFID:
Non-contact reading, effective in AVI, tracking
Tags emit radio signals, readers intercept the signal,
Track moving objects
but there is more... Social and Ethical Issues in Computing digital entertainment aviation graphic design technology has
changed the
way we
learn, travel,
shop and play airflow prediction without need for wind tunnels,
flight simulators, flight control systems,
take off and landing assistance, airport traffic control posters, business cards, invitations open source
vs proprietary cost is a critical issue
best SW has all the essential features at lowest possible cost
Open Source often good choice for backend applications
frontend usually still proprietary
Open Source - excellent tools, global collaboration, developed by experts located throughout the world, solutions often readily available, good performance on internet, networkable, www runs on Apache - which is OS! functionality developed very quickly by open source community, customizable, source code available
Proprietary - more user friendly, feature rich
GO OPEN - marc shuttleworth psychological implications sociological implications availability of information physical implications economic implications laws that explain the growth rate of computers and networks hi Melinda Instant Messaging MXit - Free IM SW application, developed in SA!
Runs on GPRS or 3G cellphones, send and receive text messages,
via the Internet... messages limited to 1000 characters. 2. transport GPS Technology in Cars Cruise Control Traffic Information
EmergencyInformation Computer assisted diagnostics vorsprung
animated movies storage http://telematicsnews.wordpress.com/2009/06/01/big-growth-ahead-for-connected-hdtvs-blu-ray-players-and-digital-media-adapters/ http://trickledown.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/avatar-movie-poster.jpg http://worlduniversityexchange.wikispaces.com/file/view/slPartridge001.png/31304945/slPartridge001.png http://www.blogcdn.com/news.bigdownload.com/media/2008/11/f148.jpg http://www.files32.com/images/digital_tv_2050-6745-scr.jpeg READ THIS http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6946395/ns/us_news// Blu-Ray
Holographic Versatile Disc special effects, characters, digital photography e-learning internet, intranet content, audio,
video, smartboard, moodle moodle ( Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment)
Free, OSS, GNU Public license i.e. copyrighted
but you may copy, use and modify moodle as long as you agree to provide source to others,
not modify or remove original license and
apply same license to derivative work
Supports SQL type database, cross platform operability,
moodlers use moodle e-banking anywhere, anytime, atm,
telephone, computer, tv
lower transaction costs
less cash stock markets e.g. JSE, Dow Jones, FTSE
Globally highly computerized, online share trades
stock market programs - analysis and forecasting e-commerce Buying and selling over the internet:
e-tailers (retailers that primarily use internet for customer interaction),
pure play e-tailer (internet only)
brick and click e-tailer (also has a physical storefront)
e-tailing saves OH cost e.g. rental, space, labour, inventory
GLOBAL MARKET, all day every day
fast and convenient way to shop medical CAT scans, MRI, microprocessors found in hearing aids,
pace makers, artificial hearts tasting the light http://abcnews.go.com/International/video/tasting-light-10183798 online
gaming music industry http://www.krumontree.com/site/images/stories/FAQ/ubuntu_logo.jpg gordon moore co-founder of intel -->
number of transistors on a chip doubles every 2 years
exponential increase in power, performance, energy efficiency, capabilities
chips - smaller + more powerful, no significant cost increase metcalfe's law explains rapid growth of www
the community value of a network grows as the
square of the number of it's users increases use of technology has implications excellent access to knowledge and information
internet - global info available 24/7
access no longer confined to a fixed location
weather. statistics. accidents. inflation. news. census Wikipedia - Web based, free content encyclopedia
written collaboratively by volunteers
sponsored by non profit Wikimedia Foundation
100 active languages
Purpose is to create and distribute a free international encyclopedia in as many languages as possible text messaging requires hundreds of small repetitive movements that do not allow blood circulation to flow freely -
Sore thumb syndrome RSI - repetitive strain injuries small repeated physical movements on keyboard and mouse, damaging nerves, tendons, cause tingling, tight, numb, cold, stiff in hands, wrists, fingers, elbows, forearms, upperback, shoulders, neck CORRECT BODY POSITIONS - wrists should not touch surface, not bent to one side CTS - CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME
Painful, involves median nerve and flexor tendons, that extend from forearm into hand through wrist bones (carpals), tendons rub against sides of 'tunnel', causing irritation and swelling and pressure on median nerve, tingles, numb, eventual debilitating pain, treated by splints, anti-inflammatories, cortisone, surgery... eye strain - take frequent breaks, test eyes regularly Fear and resistance to change - computer illiteracy, intimidated by technology, responsibility ursurped by computers, older generation fears of becoming obsolete Sovereign individuals - people empowered due to access to new learning opportunities, able to sell own ideas, services and products directly to others, reliable and up to date info makes them better more productive citizens INFORMATION OVERLOAD - too much info --> poor decisions Multitasking Stress - technology allows us to do too many things at once, aka multitasking madness, techno stress, information fatigue syndrome - we are bombarded with more info than we can read or digest, too much, too often Technological invasions - sms, email, fax, telephone, cellphone, tv, computer SYMPTOMS - decreased efficiency physically and mentally, lack of concentration (shorter concentration spans), frustration, impaired judgement, short tempers, overwhelmed and out of control Change to digital - computers can stream live audio and video just like radios and tv. Digitization makes communications between people and devices easier and quicker Internet - convenience, anonymity fulfills emotional and psychological needs for some, virtual communities allow communication between people with similar interests and values Cellphones - more people in developing world are expected to access internet via mobile phone rather than computer. SMS is most frequently used mode of cellular communication in SA, cost effective, quick, unobtrusive Blog - Weblog, online diary, users post messages, thoughts, pictures and comments, updated frequently Social NW Sites - Facebook, MySpace, http://www.meridix.com/forum_thread.php?liveid=bsports1&Thread_ID=1344&page=1 http://locksmith-charlotte.com/cities/alexis.html https://server.nethub.ca/users/ianmcg/weblog/e656f/FAIL_Big_Glasses.html https://server.nethub.ca/users/ianmcg/weblog/e656f/FAIL_Big_Glasses.html
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