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Rowan of Rin

Book Report

Umaima Patni

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Rowan of Rin

Rowan Of Rin
Chapter 2 - Sheba
Before they journeyed up the mountain, Rowan, Marlie and Strong Jonn decide to visit Sheba. Sheba was a old, wise yet scary person. when they visit Sheba they get no information about the mountain except a fearsome prophecy. Jonn gets angry at Sheba for this and in return Sheba threw a stick which cut Rowans forehead.

Sheba seems like an evil person, I would not like to have anything to do with her whatsoever. I do not think that they should trust Sheba.
I do know from reading various books that prophecies come true in unimaginable ways and they are a lot of help to a quest, so I guess Sheba did help in a way, after all Rin is her home too.
i made a connection to how small and insignificant Rowan felt during the visit to Sheba's hut, I also feel like that sometimes when my parents are in a meeting and i'm there.
Chapter 3 - The Heroes
When they got back to the village the people of Rin were greatly disappointed that Sheba did not help. Then six heroes volunteered to go on the quest up the mountain, they were, Marlie, Jonn, Brondon, the twins Val and Ellis and lastly Allun. That night Rowan had a horrible dream about Sheba and her prophecies.

I would never have dared to go on a quest up a mountain that no one has ever returned from. I admire the heroes for volunteering they must have great courage in their soul.

I made a connection the fact that the heroes wanted to go on the quest even though it was insanly dangerous, I have always wanted to go on a quest. I think it would have been a wonderful experience, thats especially why I like camp be cause most of the activities are out of my comfort zone but I still want to do them, a bit like agreeing to go on a quest.
Chapter 13 - The Answer
Chapter 1 - The Meeting
Rowan is a young, timid boy who looks after his beloved Bukshah in the village of Rin. Without the Bukshah the village can not survive. So, when the stream that gives water to the Bukshah, stops flowing, the people of rin decide to journey up the dangerous moutain, where possibly the vicious dragon awaits, to find out whats wrong.

I think the introduction of the book is excellent because it makes readers want to know more, and also makes them wonder what will happen next.
I made a connection to when Annad, Rowans little sister, was crying over possibly losing the Bukshah, because when I was moving schools I could'nt help but cry over the friends I was going to miss.

After his horrible dream about Sheba, Rowan searches for the stick that Sheba threw at him. As he was examining the stick the bark began to unravel revealing a map of the mountain! Rowan hurries and gives the map to Strong Jonn, but in his hands the lines in the map disapeered. The map was cursed so it would only reveal itself in Rowans hand's. Rowan finally agreed to go with the six heroes for the sake of his Bukshah.

Rowan must have been so amazed and scared at what he had discovered for he must have known that because the map would only appaer in his hand, he would have to join the six heroes.
Chapter 4 - Seeing is Believing
After saying their goodbyes to their families, Rowan and the six heroes started their journey up the mountain. As Rowan was walking he remembered the prophecy Sheba had given them. As he was lost in thought the seven reach a cliff-side that they would have to climb Rowan was not looking forward to that.

Chapter 5 - The Mountain
Chapter 6 - The Forest
While Rowan was taking a rest, Rowan finds another phrphecy had appeared on the map. One line said
" let your guide be made of wood"
, Brondon led the group as the sturdiest person of the seven. as they're walking they reach a swamp, they had to trudge through the sticky, smelly swamp. Soon Rowan sees Star his beloved Bukshah, he rushes to save her, but the swamp sucks him in. They manage to pull him out , they discover that the swamp spirits were playing tricks on them.
The group resist the temptation to go and help their loved ones. But Brondon who thought she cared about nothing heard the cry of Minna, a chidhood friend who had died saving a Bukshah calf. when they finally managed to pull Brondon out she could not go on she went back to the the village with Val who desperately needed her twin brother Ellis.

I think that Brondon got mad at Rowan in the last chapter because he had almost died saving a bukshah and Minna, her childhood friend had died saving a Bukshah.
I have a connection with Val missing her brother, I really missed my sister during camp and I couldn't wait to see her again.

Chapter 7 - Dreams
Chapter 8 - Flesh and Blood
Chapter 9 - Moving On
As Rowan, Marlie, Jonn and Allun rest, not mentioning Val, Ellis or Brondon they discover that a new prophecy has appeared on the map. as they journey Rowan sees a wall that is red and gold, they could not climd it but they found a cave beside it that led where they needed to go.

With Val, Ellis and Brondon gone the journey becomes much more calm because Allun is not scared of being teased and is now with his friends so he can truly be himself and calm everyone down.
I have a connection with Allun, scared of being teased, I am sometimes scared of being teased because of the way I do things.
As they walked in the cave, rocks and gemstones somehow led their way. Soon they reached a pool of black water, Allun could not go on, they were shocked to learn the he could not swim. Allun made camp outside the cave and waited for their return.
Chapter 10 - Endless Night
The next prophecy that appears on the map leads them to, two tunnels. They have to choose which one will lead on and which one is certain death. One of the tunnels is fair but it feels like danger so they agree to go in the narrow one which would only fit the few supplies they needed. It turns out that Marlie is afraid of enclosed spaces and she can not go on.
Chapter 11 - The Snare
Chapter 12 - Bravest Heart
After the long hard climb up the mountain Jonn and Rowan were brusied and tired. Jonn claims he cannot continue on and he wants to sleep but Rowan knew that Jonn was to weak and he would die if he slept so he made Jonn continue the journey until he reched the treacherous dragon of the mountain.

Strong Jonn must felt ridiculous when asking Rowan to continue because he was so tired. Also being so big and muscular he would have gotten more bruises scraping along side the tunnel.
"Seven hearts the journey make, Seven ways the hearts shall break, Bravest haert shall carry on when sleep is death and hope is gone, Look in the fiery jaws of fear and see the answer white and clear, Then thow away all thoughtb of home, For only then your quest is done"
Rowan was already scared with what lies ahead and he is embarrassed because the others find him useless.
I have an immediate connection to Rowan feeling embarrassed because he is useless, I have felt that several times in life when I am doing something I am not good at and people are watching me.
Real or not would you endanger are lives and quest for a dumb beast?
~ Brondon
This chapter has a lot of love in it as well as danger, it shows what the heroes love most. I found it amazing that Rowan cared for his Bukshah more than his family, but after the way they treat him I guess that not surprising.
I do not have a very strong connection to anything in this chapter apart from getting muddy, in the challenge course at camp we had to crawl through mud pits.

The boy can not come, the danger is too great!
~ Strong Jonn
We do not cry because we are weak, but because we have been strong too long
~ Dr. Suess
I understand that Allun was scared of being teased but I think he should have learned because swimming is an important skill to know.
I know what it feels like being teased and it is not a fun experience but you have to move on that is the only way to overcome it.
"one is cruel, one is fair,
one a passage and one a snare"
Marlie has got claustrophobia, a fear of enclosed spaces, I have dont have claustrophobia but all the same I don't like tight places where I can't stretch my arms and legs freely it makes me feel queasy and trapped.
I have a connection to when I was climbing the 500 steps land mark in Malaysia, when I got to 200 steps I wanted to sit down but my parents made me continue.
"Fire, water, earth and air,
All meet in the dragons lair,
Six brave hearts have failed the test,
One continues in the quest"
Rowan watches the dragon fearfully, he realizes it is in pain and there is something stuck in its throat. He gently eases the bone in the dragon's throat out. as soon as the dragon is free from its terrible pain, it blows fire that melts the ice and creates a stream, Rowan and Jonn slip into the stream and soon realize this stream will take them to the Bukshah pool. The village was saved by the most unlikeliest hero, Rowan of Rin.
Rowan must have felt extremely proud of himself for saving the village and most importantly keeping his promise to Star and saving her.
As the heroes continue their journey they find that a prophecy has appeared on the map at first they disregard it. Their path led to a forest that was swarming with black, velvety spiders, Ellis turned and fled, he couldn't stand spiders. They later find out that the prophecy was very helpful in getting past the spiders.
I can really connect to Ellis who is scared of spiders, I run around screaming when i see a huge one.
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