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The Age of Jackson

Andrew Jackson's presidency

Stacey Baker

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of The Age of Jackson

The Age of Jackson
Election of 1828
Andrew Jackson v. John Quincy Adams
Jackson's supporters called "Democrats"
1828: "Old Hickory" elected
Suffrage (right to vote) extended to almost all adult white males
Ordinary man/opposed to privileges for high social status
Inaugural celebration turned into a riot: "it was the people's day."
Kitchen Cabinet & Spoils System
Nullification Crisis
Bank of the United States
Indian Policy
Did not use his formal cabinet: relied on trusted friends
"Kitchen cabinet"
Rich looked at the "kitchen cabinet" with suspicion
Rewarded his supporters with jobs in gov't
"Spoils system": "to the victor belong the spoils of war"
Congress raises tariff on imports
Want to encourage manufacturing
: likes tariff (factories!)
: dislikes tariff
raised their prices for factory goods
discouraged trade with other nations
would it hurt cotton sales?
favored the North only: unconstitutional
John C. Calhoun (VP)
encourages S. Carolina to
the law
South Carolina threatened to

Jackson used the FORCE BILL and the federal army to collect the tariff.
Congress lowers tariffs to appease South
Tension between the North & South develops
Jackson: Calls bank "The Monster"
stood for wealth and unfair privilege, at the expense of ordinary people
Jackson distrusts Bank president: Nicholas Biddle
Biddle renewed bank charter
Jackson vetoes the charter
Removes all federal deposits to "Starve the bank"
Puts federal $ in state banks
("pet banks")
Kills the bank!
Jackson saw Native Americans as an obstacle to progress
5 "civilized tribes": had adopted some white customs: Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Creek, and Seminole
1830: Indian Removal Act
Made treaties with Native Americans to trade their Eastern lands for new lands in the Great Plains
Jackson used military force against tribes that would not move voluntarily
Trail of Tears
Indians who refused to move were forced
4,000 died on the journey
Seminoles led by Chief Osceola resisted until forced
By 1837: had forced 46,000 people to move
: Jackson "solved" the Indian "problem"
: Just moved it West of the Mississippi
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