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How to Create Hands-Free Shoes

My 6-year journey of creating and launching Quikiks Hands-Free shoes and a few lessons learned along the way. www.Quikiks.com

steven kaufman

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of How to Create Hands-Free Shoes

How to Create Hands-Free Shoes
Is there potential?
Market Analysis
Ultimate Goal
How it all started...
Turns out, people in scoliosis braces were just the tip of the iceberg of those that need hands-free shoes!
4 million
Chronic Back Pain sufferers
31 million
Launch Crowdfunding Campaign
Donny Deutsch, host
of "The Big Idea",
challenges me to go
to bed and think of a problem in my everyday
life and try to solve it.
20 min later...
AAH-HA moment...
Alex couldn't bend over
to put his shoes on because of his scoliosis brace, so Dad had to do it.
"I should invent some hands-free shoes!"
750K afflicted
8 million
Development Phase
Apply for Patent
Get Feedback!
Try to get a footwear manufacturer to work with you
Get crappy samples
Finally find one that "gets it" and is committed to the vision
Finding a Manufacturer
Design Shoes
Get Feedback!
We're there!
Let's GO!
Lots of Tweaking
Open an assembly & distribution facility in the Bronx that can provide long-term sustainable employment for people with disabilities
10% Profits go to organizations that serve people with disabilities
Donate Quikiks to those who may not be able to afford them

Please fuel my campaign!
Thank you!
...And a
lot more!
Get Seed Funding
Get feedback early and frequently -preferably from industry professionals
Is 6 years too long?
Maybe not. These aren't even hands-free.
...and learn a few things along the way
Kill almost 3 years spinning your wheels
...18 months
Build Prototypes
& Test
Utilize Crowdsourcing
Everything takes much longer than you think.
Try your best to figure out how long and how much it will take you -and then double it
-at a minimum
I've used sites like 99Designs, Crowdspring & oDesk to save thousands of $ on

3-D modeling
and even patent translations
Design Intents:

1. Make the shoes totally hands-free. No need to bend over or use hands to put on or take off

2. Provide great support for stability while walking

3. Securely fasten to help avoid slip + fall accidents

4. Try to make them look like typical shoes
Make more advanced prototypes
3-D printed parts -cool!
Change everything and start over!
Alex Dad
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