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Intel Case Analysis

No description

Luca De Blasis

on 7 February 2011

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Transcript of Intel Case Analysis

Intel Case Analysis Presentation
By: BWUGD Consulting - Luca De Blasis, Ksenia Bulgakov, Catalina Urtoi, Kelly Whitehead, and Daniel Gelshteyn Agenda

1. Company Background
2. Tang Biography
3. Tang - Expatriate or Local?
4. Li Biography
5. Organizational Differences Across Cultures
6. The Issue At Hand
7. Li's Perspective
8. Tang's Perspective
9. Interactive Game
10. Solutions and Recommendations
11. Concluding Remarks Company Background 1961 - First Microprocessor 1996 - USD $20 billion milestone 1997 - Revenues up 20% to USD $7 billion; 56% of revenues from outside the USA.
1998 - Revenues fall 7% 1999 - China considered #1 market Intel People's Republic of China

1985 - First office established 1993 Intel Architecture Development Co., Ltd. Intel (China) Technology Co., Ltd. 1999 - Aggressive marketing in China Charles Tang - Biography Manager of marketing programs
Native Chinese, but educated in the USA
Led the Intel China transition team
Very well-respected; reported to Intel China's President
Part of the Advisory Committee Tang - Expatriate or Local? Ideal fusion between East and West?
External: Credibility concerns
Internal: Expatriate
Hard work destroys differences? Yong Li - Biography Account Manager
Went beyond call of duty Organizational Differences Across Cultures Vertically arranged
Lack of dissent Chinese Organizations Western Organizations Open discusssion
Culture of improvement
Tang's Management Style:
Competitive Salary The Issue at Hand Reassign projects Manual Portable, MBA-type book Li's Perspective Chinese business thrives on guanxi Li took ownership Scrapping the project was a waste of research Losing face - an important ideal in Chinese business Tang's Perspective Did not realize Li had lost face Intel Culture - "Disagree and Committ" Interactive Game Solutions and Recommendations 1. Allow Li to continue?
2. Compromise?
3. Strict adherence to philosophy? More focused, condensed book Lack of substantive dialogue Treat differences like learning opprtunities No information flow Culture of ignorance Conflict Conclusions Win-win via modification
Precedent for paradigm shift

BWUGD Difference
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