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The Leap Prezi

No description

Daniel Napierski

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of The Leap Prezi

The Leap The Conflict in "The Leap" Paul Dominic,
Lisa Vuong,
Daniel Napierski and Mohammad Khalil Plot Diagram By Louise Erdrich Characterization of Anna Appearance • Circus Trapeze Artiste Theme of "The Leap" • Seen in undergarments
(cotton stitched bra,
lace trimmed drawers) Character traits, personality, and actions •Blind but least bit clumsy, walks very slowly but does things with “catlike” precision
•Saves herself from a blindfold trapeze act
•Saves the narrator from a case of house fire by climbing up to the window then quickly jumping down
•Believes that one can always think or do something upon the act of falling
•Courageous, strong-willed, brave, caring and loving How Narrator sees her •As a hero for saving the
narrator and herself, owed
her existence to Anna three times •Narrator finds trust and
security in her mother’s arms
One must determine what is most important and live according to the well-being of the important figure.
Anna Avalon did not choose to die with her husband, but rather, protect her child’s life and give it a chance to live happily.
Anna Avalon did not hesitate to risk her life in order to save her child from the fire since her child’s life was more important than her own. One’s life should be devoted to caring for and protecting what is most dear to them. The narrator and her mother are a lot older and they live together in the farm that was rebuilt after the first one burned. The mother grabs her and leaps out of the window and they safely land in the fire fighters’ net. House catches fire
Her mother strips down to undergarments and risks her life to save her daughter Mother’s first husband dies
Meets narrator’s father and falls in love
Moves to a farm house Narrator lives with her mother Anna in New Hampshire
Anna lost sight as a result of aging
Anna used to be part of a blindfold trapeze act when she was younger Exposition Resolution Climax What is conflict? Conflict: Opposition between characters or forces in a work of drama or fiction, especially opposition that motivates or shapes the action of the plot. Examples of Conflict from "The Leap"; Self vs. Self conflict occurs when the mother must decide her fate by choosing whether to save her own life or her husbands.
Self vs. fear conflict occurs when the mother risks her life to save her daughter from a fire. The conflict in this situation is overcoming her fears.
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