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Understand The Radio Production Process

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Adam Roberts

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of Understand The Radio Production Process

Understand The Radio Production Process
How are radio commercials made?
Radio commercials/adverts are made in many different ways.
The most common ways they are created is internally using a radio station's studios.
Another way radio commercials can be made is through a production house.
To help make the commercials production music libraries are often used.
Pre-recorded sound effects can be used.
Different facilities in a studio are used to enhance the commercial and help to make it sound as professional as possible.
Internal Production
One of the main ways that a radio commercial can be made is through internal production.
This is using studios that are located inside a radio station to record audio and put together a commercial.
This is most commonly used in local commercial radio stations who advertise local businesses and have to make commercials on a regular basis.
An example of a radio station that does this is Bauer Media owned Metro Radio. They have 5 studios in their building and one of them is specifically for making commercials.
Production House
A production house is an independent company that will create radio adverts.
If a business wanted to advertise themselves and didn't have access to a radio station's studio then they would usually contact a production house/company.
The advantage to using a production company to create an advert is there is no restriction to which station an advert can be sent to.
The disadvantage is they are usually more expensive to use.
Music Libraries and Sound Effect
Music production libraries are a place where a large amount of music is kept.
It includes main stream music as well as royalty free music that can be used as beds in radio commercials.
Sound effects are often used to make the radio commercial more believable.
If there is an advert with a narrative story line then sound effects are perfect.
For example, if there was a door opening then the sound effect of an actual door opening would be great.
It would save the bore of a narrator describing it.
Studio Facilities
When creating radio commercials there is quite a lot of equipment that needs to be used.
The first is a microphone. This will record audio, usually someone's voice. In some studios, they will even have a vocal booth to make the sound better.
Another is a computer system. This will be where the recording is saved onto.
Any editing that needs done will be on this too. Popular editing software can include Adobe Audition, Logic Pro X, Audacity and WavePad.
Sound proofing is usually needed, especially is busy environments to prevent any kind of background noise.

Production Roles
When creating radio commercials there are many different roles.
The main role is creative producer. This will be the person in charge of ensuring the best audio is taken and put into the advert. He will also usually be the one who puts the final edit together.
The next is the voice-over artists. They are people who come in and simply read from a script into a microphone. It is their voices that are heard in a radio commercial.
For some radio commercials, celebrities can be used as people are more likely to pay attention if they recognise the voice they are hearing.
Recording engineers are used to control the sound levels and to ensure the audio is actually being recorded.
Music is usually taken from audio production libraries.
They are where most people get royalty free music from and they are usually used as beds for voice overs to be used over.
For some radio adverts, actual copyrighted songs are used.
This can be great for an advert, but it can also be hard as permission must be given from the person who created it.
Financial Considerations
Radio commercials can be quite expensive to make as there are lot of things that need to be taken into consideration.
They can include:
Studio hire
Voice-over artists costs
Production team costs
Music royalty costs
Radio station airplay costs

All of these costs need to be taken into consideration and a budget should be decided before a commercial is created.
Budgets are usually decided by company, a local sales team, a national agency or a regional agency.
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