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4 Pros/Cons of Bacteria.

What 4 GOOD things and 4 BAD things bacteria contributes to humankind

Gary shi

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of 4 Pros/Cons of Bacteria.

Thanks for Reading :O! 1) Some bacteria have been used to combat Pollution which is called Bioremediation The Pros of Bacteria 4) We couldn't survive without Bacteria 3) Scientist now use genetically bacteria
for many purposes like the production
of medicine. The Cons of Bacteria 1) Bacteria Can Cause Diseases. 3) Bacteria can also cause
diseases in other organisms as well as People. 4) They cause considerable damage to grain,
fruit, and other crops. Pathogenic bacteria attacks almost everything including other
bacteria By: Gary Shi, Jaynuz Nunez, Hector Mena,
and Jose Sanchez By: Jaynus Nunez
Gary Shi
Hector Mena
Jose Sanchez 4 Pros/Cons of Bacteria 2) Bacteria are used to make many different
types of food. NEXT! -----------> 2) Some bacteria are pathogenic which invades a host organism and obtain nutrients from the host cells
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