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Reuben's China prezzi

No description

Reuben Leyland

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Reuben's China prezzi

Business and Technology
The many currency is the renminbi or yawn as they call it.
There is lots of money in China so it not worth as much as money is in the UK.
Because there is a lot of farm land in China one of the mane jobs is farming
There is also a lot of buildings in China so lots of people work in construction.
The Chinese are making super fast bullet trains and they have there own space program.
In 1970 they launched there first starlight.
A huge export in China's economy is toys and games which the hole world uses.
China is ranked the second best economy in the world at the moment
China has a lot of computer and phone company in China that supply Britain and the US.
They are also a very technologically advanced contery so the are making robots and have people on the space station.
Thanks for watching .
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