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Copy of Copy of Kojie-san Skin Lightening Soap

No description

Rian de Asis

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Kojie-san Skin Lightening Soap

Kojie-san Skin Lightening Soap
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
* Kojic acid was discovered in Japan.

* It is a by-product in the production of Kojic, or Malted rice, for use in the manufactured of Japanese rice wine. In cosmetics, Kojic acid is popularly known for its excellent whitening effects and anti oxidant properties
Product Description
Made from a combination of kojic acid, which reduces the formation of melanin, and high-grade virgin coconut oil which deeply moisturizes the skin. Kojie-san is the first and original kojic acid soap distributed in the Philippines.
Start-up Summary
Total funding required to get the business started is estimated at Php 10,000,000, of which the executive management team.

The key elements in the start-up plan for the company are:

•Development of a working prototype.
•Funding of working capital requirements and promotional materials for the principal operating activities of the company.
•Gaining patent approval.
•Establish a strong brand image early to position ourselves in the market.

Sales Literature
In order to sell our product while creating familiarity and a positive brand image, it will be necessary to develop brochures and literature to emphasize the safety and beneficial attributes of the whitening soap, many of which may not be readily apparent to an interested party. These will be delivered both in person during a sales presentation and by direct mail.
The technology of our whitening soap will be pivotal in the success of our company. The interactions between the soap and antibacterial or anti-microbial bases suitable for different types of skin are more complicated than the interactions with the glycerin or lotion soaps utilized in the DOH. As soon as cash flow permits, projected to be in 2013, Beauty Elements Venture Inc will employ a professional chemist with experience developing whitening products to further the research into technological innovations that may produce antibacterial and anti-microbial versions of the whitening soap to address additional markets.
Our mission is to create value for customers and shareholders by continually improving health and whitens the skin of the users through the use of our soap.
Become the specialty soap of choice people especially teenagers.
Pure Kojic acid
Sweet orange
Vitamin C
Company Summary
Beauty Elements Ventures Inc was founded in Makati, City. Owned by Jasmin C. Burila (Mktg. Mgr.), Reginald Verlie I. Burila, Jewell C. Monfero, Hohny Ferrariz, Rommel I. Sabenorio. BEVi develops and markets soap the Kojie-san Lightening soap.
Company Ownership
The executive team will retain at least 70% of the equity in the company. Assuming 30% of the company is owned by investors, Jasmin C. Burila, Reginald Verlie I. Burila, Jewell C. Monfero, Hohny Ferrariz, Rommel I. Sabenorio.
Company Locations and Facilities
The management team of Beauty Elements Ventures Inc will initially use a residential apartment in Makati, City to run operations.
Competitive Comparison

Kojie san Lightening soap offer to the public as it is an effective lightening soap. We make sure that the soap is less expensive than the other whitening products sold in the markets.

As the first whitening soap in the market ere in the Philippines, BEVi will build brand identity, establishing the company as the standard for maintaining and moisturizing the skin of the users.

Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. assured that their product, Kojie-san is effective and safe to the users.

Competition and Buying Patterns
Commercial customers select soap based on the necessary minimum safety regulations for the intended user. Customers will typically select a product based on price, distributor availability, and convenience. Distributors will deliver a complete order of cleaning and maintenance products to customers.
Main Competitors
The largest current whitening soap producer, Olay Company consistently achieves strong sales, and has enjoyed strong market share in the commercial markets. The other largest commercial whitening soap providers include Placenta, Soapwerke and Belo.
Industry Participants
The whitening soap industry is highly fragmented. There are more than ten different Institutional soap products that compete in the market.
Future Products
Additional soap products, manufactured to comply with regulatory minimums for strength and effectiveness in their respective target markets will be develop. These soaps will be trademarked under the names FOODassure and HEALTHassure, respectively.
Market Trends
People today, especially teens (girls) use a lot of product to whitens and moisturize their skin. There is an additional trend in both our target markets and industry towards organic based soaps. Organic products have become increasingly associated with safety and health in a variety of different markets. Our completely organic soap is complementary to this growing market trend.
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